Verticale Values

What Makes a Verticale-Approved Brand?

At The Verticale, we scour the internet for the mission-driven brands that align with our value set. We do a lot of research to make sure we’re getting it right. Once we find Verticale-approved brands, we share them with you.
✓  Mission-driven and conscious of the world we live in: Inclusive, Ethically Made, Sustainable, For Women by Women, Black-Owned Businesses, Clean Ingredients, or Charitable Donations.
✓  Committed to quality: dedicated to making quality goods designed to last, brands that stand for thoughtful consumption - and against fast-fashion and disposable mentalities.
✓  Down-to-earth brand voice: made by real people for real people, brands that encourage us to be who we are - as opposed to traditional retailers that push an unrealistic idea of perfection.
We independently review each brand to see if it meets our standards and curate unique content to share with you. We don’t have any sponsored content, but we sometimes earn a commission if you buy something we link to from our site.
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