The Verticale Values

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Our Values

Our dynamic value system defines how we curate our edit of brands and products. Verticale-approved brands meet the standards for at least one of our values. We take into account a breadth of culturally relevant issues, from environmental impact to production processes, our society - and more. Through our actions, we demonstrate a lifestyle that we as a company live and breathe every day. 

How we define Verticale-approved brands.

1. Mission-driven and meets our Verticale Value standards
2. Quality goods designed to last
3. Approachable, inclusive & authentic brand voice

Responsible Materials.

Sourcing materials and fabrics through responsible and environmentally conscious methods, including upcycled and repurposed materials. Standards and certifications may include Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Cotton, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) Cotton, Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Recycled Polyester, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Viscose. 

Ethical Production.

Companies rooted in fair labor practices, providing transparency into a production process that values working conditions and sustainable wages for the workers making the goods. Standards and certifications may include Fair Trade, SA8000, and Kimberley Process. We also highlight company operations and manufacturing facilities that run entirely on renewable energy.

Reducing Waste.

We stand for thoughtful consumption and look for companies that promote similar values, setting our world of quality goods apart from those of a disposable mindset. Small batch or made-to-order production, an extended product life cycle, reduction of disposable materials, a commitment to avoid overproduction, and maximizing use through timeless design and thoughtful craftsmanship are all qualifiers within this category. 

Local Craftsmanship.

We look to the artisans that make our products through local production to where the materials are created and sourced. This includes products made in America, as well as in artisanal workshops worldwide. 

Clean Ingredients.

Products made with clean, real ingredients, made naturally, with your health in mind. Products that are marked clean are created with a mentality of fewer, simpler ingredients, sourced without chemicals, or harmful practices. These products refrain from processed ingredients, additives, animal testing, or preservatives, and are mostly plant-based.

Diverse Founders.

We believe there needs to be a fundamental shift toward a more diverse future of business owners than we see in our society today. Through our support of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Latinx, Asian, LGBTQ,  and further people of underrepresented nationalities, we aim to work toward a future in which there is an equal opportunity for founders of all backgrounds to become the visionaries of tomorrow. 

Women’s Empowerment.

As a female-founded business, and one that promotes equality implicitly, we support the empowerment of women and all businesses created by women, for women.


Charitable companies look at the world through the lens of a higher purpose by contributing to non-profit organizations, either financially as a portion of sales or through a buy-one, give-one model that allows them to deliver goods to communities in need.

Inclusivity and Individuality.  

We look for brands that bring self-empowerment and individuality to the forefront by promoting a mentality of self-worth, inclusivity and confidence. Brands fall within this standard if they are breaking down barriers and stereotypes, whether it be body inclusivity, diversity, gender equality - or by encouraging a differentiated and real perception of the people within our society. 

Mind and Body Wellness.

Products that promote a mentality of healthy living, self-care and mental health aimed to improve our day-to-day routines, general wellness, and health from both the inside and out.

Please note that the brands themselves, and not Verticale, are ultimately responsible for ensuring that they comply with our standards. For this reason, we do not independently represent and cannot guarantee their adherence or compliance to these standards. However, we welcome your feedback on any brands that we may list on our site.