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Tie The Knot With Stylish Wedding Bands + Engagement Rings
October 7, 2020
October 7, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Price transparency

✓   Ethical diamond sourcing

✓   Modern cuts and designs

Our Picks

✓   Holden - Most environmentally conscious

✓   Brilliant Earth - Most ethical sourcing

✓   Couple   - Best lab-grown diamonds

If there is one thing that has come out of this quarantine, it seems as if everyone is getting engaged. Honestly, we’re not surprised— if your relationship lasts through a pandemic, it can make it through anything. And, if you haven’t popped the question yet, but you’re thinking about it, also consider checking out some nail polish (if her nails are not done, godspeed)

And for those of you who are newly engaged, we know it’s not going to be easy finding the perfect wedding bands. On top of that, with social distancing you may feel a bit more limited. But don’t worry, we’re here to provide the options. Que the online appointments, transparent pricing, and unique styles all here to help you cope with the new normal and look forward to your nuptials.



Holden is committed to providing a relaxing and no pressure ring shopping environment. Your custom bands are created by partnering with local producers and artisans in NYC who use recycled precious metals and conflict-free diamonds. Oh, and cutting out the design and wholesale markup makes it easier to find the style of your dreams without feeling like you won’t make next month’s rent.

The Facts

✓   Made in NYC

✓   Custom made for you

✓   Conflict-free and recycled precious metals

Brand Standards

✓   Minimum donation of $25,000 to the Trevor Project

✓   Conscious of their environmental impact

Brilliant Earth


Brilliant Earth has ensured that your eternal commitment can begin with an ethical and sustainable ring. Founders Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg have decided to use their jewelry making to gear social change. Not only do they stand as Beyond Conflict-free diamond sourcing, but they also donate 5% of all proceeds to mining communities to foster growth. 

The Facts

✓   Recycled precious metals

✓   Engagement rings + bands

✓   Conflict-free diamond sourcing

Brand Standards

✓   Donate 5% of net profits to help mining communities

✓   Certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council



Couple promotes transparency when finding the perfect ring to tie the knot. Instead of feeling like you have to make some kind of back room deal or know a guy who knows a guy, Couple’s cut out the middle man by going directly to the diamond sourcers and found a lab that has perfected lab-grown diamonds with better quality and bigger carat size — all at a transparent price point.

The Facts

✓   Lab-grown diamonds

✓   Colorless diamonds

✓   Men + women bands

Brand Standards

✓   Certified by the International Gemological Institute 

✓   Ethical sourcing of materials

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