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Mockingbird, the stroller taking the baby industry by storm
July 7, 2019
July 7, 2019
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It’s no question that the babies in our lives are our most precious cargo. To the Mamas, Dads, Aunties, Grandpops (and those with pregnant friends) out there, we know that a growing family most often means a registry filled with Uppababy and Nuna. These companies have been keeping our little ones safe for years, yet we can't help but question whether we need to be spending nearly $1K on a baby stroller. Sure, the security of a trusted brand is nice and our kid’s safety definitely isn’t something to cut corners on - but what if you could get a trusted luxury stroller for only $350? We can feel your skepticism in the air (through the computer actually), so just hear us out. 

Made by parents for parents, this new direct-to-consumer stroller brand is here to shake things up. Wondering how the price of Mockingbird strollers is so much more reasonable? The big secret: the middle man. When you buy a stroller from a big box store like buybuy Baby or Bed Bath & Beyond, that retailer takes somewhere in the realm of 30-40% (generally, anyway). There are also wasted costs like moving inventory from one distribution center to another. Eliminate that, and all of a sudden the price comes way down. All the way to $350 in the case of Mockingbird.

Fortunately for you, we’ve done all the dirty work and have checked our sources to see who’s actually taken these Mockingbirds for a spin around the block. We’ve even linked to relevant articles and YouTube videos below, in case you want that extra assurance.

Let’s talk safety:

Mockingbird ensures that their safety features are up to par with the stroller big-wigs. They follow the highest governmental regulations set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and ASTM International, most recently the ASTM F833-15 standard. Additionally, the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) checks their products, fabrics and materials for harmful substances such as lead, phthalates, mercury, and cadmium. All of this means that they stress safety to the highest precedence.

What you should know about the basics:

✓   Wheels: Sometimes bumps aren’t avoidable. Mockingbird’s go-anywhere foam tire is made to withstand any terrain and maintain awesome suspension. So if you’re a stroller ninja during nap time, consider yourself covered.

✓   Modular system: Their stroller has many different modes of use. You can position the seat as world-facing or parent-facing, you can swap it out with Mockingbird's Carriage, or you can use their Car Seat Adapter to pair the stroller with car seats from other brands like Britax, Graco, or Nuna.

✓   Peek-a-boo window and zipper opening on the canopy: In addition to being UPF 50+ (ultraviolet protection factor), the discreet zipper allows you to open the back of the canopy for more air flow - and the magnetic peek-a-boo window lets you check in on your little one. Mockingbird strollers are also weatherproof, meaning a little afternoon rain will be no problem.

✓   Frame: The dual frame works with suspension to give our kiddos the smoothest ride (alleviating the impact of any bumps). The stroller handle is also adjustable, so you can avoid feeling too tall or small while pushing your baby around.

Interested in more details?:

✓   Sun Shield:  Specially designed to keep the harmful rays out and the cool air flowing. YouTuber Dad Verb (aka Andrew), father of 2 with over 39k subscribers, loves the versatility of the magnetic sun shield attachment. 

✓   One Foot Lock & Easy to Fold: One of the most important safety features of a stroller is the brake. Denise Pacurar of Mommingblog, mom of Clare, age 3, absolutely loves the one foot lock feature. Mockingbird strollers are also easy to collapse and reopen - aka less hassle and more smooth sailing. 

✓   Bottom Storage: Youtubers The Fitzgeralds, parents of Willa Mae and Cooper, are raving about the space in the bottom basket. As Lex says, “Sometimes you gotta keep the groceries and the diaper bag down there”. So get ready to channel your inner Mary Poppins’ magic bag vibes. 

✓   Adjustable Seat: Business Insider writer Steven John, dad of "messy kiddos" (his words not ours) is a fan of the adjustable seat and easy-to-clean footrest. The reclining seat allows your baby to sit or lay - whatever floats their boat. And the nylon material makes for an easy clean up, so no more crumbs lodged in the bassinet. 

Well, don't just take it from us. Romper, Fast Company, Good Housekeeping, Inc, and PYMNTS all had good things to say about Mockingbird strollers. So the real question is what you’re going to do with that extra 600 bucks? Literally, anything you want. 

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