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The 411 On Gut Health And More Down Under
January 10, 2020
January 4, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Accessible care

✓   Real, honest ingredients

✓   Fair pricing

Our Picks

✓   Love Wellness - Best for PMS symptoms

✓   WTHN - Best for digestion/bloating

✓   The Nue Co.  - Best for everyday use

If you’re like us maybe you can’t figure out why you feel bloated and gross if you’re doing everything “right”. So let’s have the talk. Did you know that your period could be stopping you from reaching your new year, new me status? Turns out there could be more to shark week than we know. But, that could be fixed with the wellness products we’ve rounded up to help you create the best personal-care routine that will keep you feeling confident about every inch of your body this year.

Love Wellness


Love Wellness is helping us find alternatives to prescription meds that deal with all of the pain in the ass PMS symptoms. Instead of walking down that aisle of the pharmacy, you can order once or subscribe their washes, vitamins, wipes, and suppositories - ones you’ll be proud to have in your daily routine.

The Facts

✓   Vitamins, washes, wipes, suppositories

✓   Safe alternative self-care

✓   For vaginal, gut, skin, and sleep wellness

Brand Standards

✓   Open and honest self-care for women

✓   Good for you ingredients



WTHN is tackling all of our bloat problems by looking at our gut health. Gut Check uses natural herbs (ginger root and Chinese yam) to kick our food babies to the curb. Also, did you know that acupuncture can help with period pains and even getting pregnant? And if you happen to be in NYC, good news, you can stop into WTHN for treatment.

The Facts

✓   Skin, gut, sleep, and hangover wellness

✓   All herbal-based, backed by science

✓   Acupuncture packages available

Brand Standards

✓   Stand by honest herbal ingredients

✓   Promoting women’s health

The Nue Co.


The Nue Co. is integrating supplements into our lives the right way. Their supplements provide help with the nutrients we could be lacking from food alone. Our favorites so far have to be their debloat+, probiotics, and skin filter to help combat the worst of our PMS symptoms.

The Facts

✓   For skin, gut, stress, immunity, and sleep

✓   Food based supplements

✓   Build a Plan helps find the best options for you

Brand Standards

✓   Natural, chemical-free ingredients

✓   Responsibly sourced, sustainable materials

More Finds

The key to a good personal-care routine is finding the right products for you. So we’ve added a few more options to choose from (also some of our favs). It’s 2020, letting PMS symptoms or feeling weird about talking about why you haven’t been feeling so great *down there* deter us from our well-being ever again.

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