9 Reasons To Jump into Bed with Brooklinen

Get ready to hit that snooze button on repeat
August 6, 2019
August 5, 2019
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Just like us, co-founders Rich and Vicki fell in love with the sheets they spent their Las Vegas vacation in. They loved them so much they went to the Wynn gift shop looking to purchase those soft fluffy sheets… that is, until they saw the $800 price tag. Yeah, we were in shock too. If you’re following our vibe, you’ll know they didn’t buy those overpriced sheets, but instead ventured into the bedding business (well, a direct-to-consumer, fairly priced business to be exact). The Brooklinen co-founders were able to find a factory in Israel to produce their long staple cotton, 270 thread count, percale sheets and decided to sell them at really fair prices, starting at only $100 for the perfect sheet bundle. The rest is history. 

Brooklinen has taken the bedding buying market by storm, cutting out that 10x retail markup. And as they say, the thread count is meaningless unless the quality is there. That’s why they make their sheets with long staple cotton, which this gives us that strong everlasting quality. With three material options: Luxe Sateen, Linen, and Percale you can choose the set that’s right for you or get different sets for every season (if you’re really feeling a good sheet splurge). And since these sheets aren’t made by a big box store trying to push product, the attention that they pay to the little details make our lives so much easier. They’ve even solved the most annoying sheet problem by labeling short and long on each side of our ultimate frenemy, the fitted sheet. It’s about time. 

Don’t just take it from us. Brooklinen’s sheets are doing so well, they’re even branching out to other home categories like towels and home accessories. Even more exciting, they’ve just released their loungewear line so you can literally sleep, shower, repeat in head-to-toe Brooklinen. 

And good news for you, we have a discount code to share. You’re welcome. Score $20 off by using our exclusive promo code: verticale20 (valid on orders over $100 through September 16th).

Here are the 9 reasons to jump into bed with Brooklinen:

1. 100% long-staple cotton

2. OEKO-TEX® certified for chemical safety

3. Larger Duvet Buttons for easier use

4. Duvet ties to keep cover in place

5. Every side of the fitted sheets is labeled “short” or “long” so no getting mixed up

6. Pillowcases use Envelope Closures

7. King and Cali King Core Sheet Sets include King Pillowcases

8. Percale sheets are recommended for hot sleepers

9. Also available in linen and luxe sateen

P.S. get ready to tell your boss you’re coming in late.

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