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Here’s why we’re obsessed with this water-activated shampoo
January 29, 2020
January 22, 2020
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We were into Owa from the moment we heard about it. Before we jump into our review, here’s the lowdown: that overpriced bottle of shampoo sitting in your shower you complain about buying once a month, or sooner, is guilty. It’s guilty of being made of 80% water. Last time we checked, water shouldn’t cost that much. Not only is it unsustainable, but the water dilutes the elements we need for our hair to stay healthy. 

Owa Haircare is changing the way we wash our hair with a water-activated hair care line (aka powder that you mix with water). It sounds intimidating but it’s actually super easy. All you have to do is pour some Moondust shampoo in your hand, add a little water, and boom, perfect shampoo. If you’re skeptical, just watch this video here. Most importantly, this $29 bottle of powder shampoo lasts for 8X more washes (since there’s no water wasting space) and makes a perfect travel companion for your carry-on bag. 

Let’s get the to our review, shall we? Our team tested the Moondust scented shampoo, and we are swearing by it from here on out. Seriously though. For starters, it smells phenomenal and once activated with water it’s as smooth and luxurious as any other shampoo (contrary to how you might imagine a powder would feel). After a week of testing it, our team saw smoother, shinier hair, and wayyy less flyaways. Plus, you know how your hair can sometimes get damaged by shower water in other countries when you go globetrotting? Well our founder Jaclyn recently experienced that after a trip to Mexico and her post-vaca hair treatment went like this: hard water treatment - nope, deep conditioning treatment - nope, Owa shampoo - CURED. For real, we’re convinced the actual ingredients are magic fairy dust. 

Since Owa is made for all hair types, it’s free of sulfates, parabens and silicone. In fact, Founder Kailey Brandt was able to create it using only 11 clean ingredients - eliminating all the nasty ingredients that water-based shampoos need to remain on the shelf for years. And our utmost favorite part is that it’s completely sustainable from product to packaging - cruelty free, 100% recyclable packaging, no animal derived ingredients...we could keep going but you’ve got things to do. 

In summary: Yesterday - regular shampoo, tomorrow - the future. Owa is here to rock your world. And we highly, highly recommend trying it.

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