Fall Shoes To Hit The Streets

Yes you need shoes in a pandemic
September 29, 2020
September 30, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Effortless style

✓   Trends for cool weather

✓   High-quality materials

Our Picks

✓   Boots - For a utilitarian comeback

✓   Suede Sneakers - The elevated sneakerhead

✓   Loafers  - Business casual meets the streets

It’s the best season of the year for the style savvy. Fall is when we see the top trends come to play before the cold weather covers our looks with puffy coats. For those of us who have an affinity for achieving the ultimate style perfect (for ourselves and the gram), finding staple shoes for the season is essential. So we’re doing some of the heavy lifting for you. Here are the three top trends The Verticale has picked to add to your curated fall styles (or to lovingly stare at on the shelf until you can go out again).



The street style of matching sweat sets, dad coats, vintage jeans, and chinos that are really joggers have upped our boot expectations. With modern takes on classic work boot styles, prepare to embrace your utilitarian aesthetic to pair with neutrals and our favorite fall colors. Trust us when we say you will look the most stylish stomping to the polls this season.

Suede Sneakers


We continue to be blessed by our brands bringing an elevated sophistication to our sneakers. It looks like suede will be your go-to this Fall to welcome the chilly weather and crunching foliage beneath our feet. Plus, we all know when it comes to nice sneakers, you can wear just about anything with them.

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