Too Many Sweatshirts Isn't A Real Thing

Soft Laidback Hoodies & Crews To Welcome Cool Air
September 7, 2020
September 8, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Soft and cozy

✓   High quality fabrics

✓   Styles for everyone

Our Picks

✓  Entireworld -  Best non-labeled basics

✓  Madhappy - Most trendy street style

✓  Kotn - Most transparent traceability

All of this time at home has only heightened our hoodie obsession. Before quarantine we had one drawer full of sweats but now we can justify two (or maybe even three). Slipping on a sweatshirt feels like an instant hug - definitely a feeling that we would like to hold onto until quarantine ends. And as the late night breeze gets cooler and cooler, you’ll need something to throw on for late night socially distant bonfires and cozying up on the couch.



Meet Entireworld, a brand founded by Scott Sternberg who wanted to create a clothing line that cuts through typical fashion world noise. Sternberg considered the entire world when producing Entireworld’s line of loungewear. They use organic cotton and recycled polyester for an extra soft (and sustainable) look and feel. 

The Facts

✓   Plain sweats with lots of colors

✓   Organic cotton and recycled polyester

✓  Fits true to size

Brand Standards

✓   Strict standards for ethical production in China, Japan, and Korea

✓   Only uses organic and sustainable materials



Feel free to take your Madhappy look to the streets (just don’t forget a mask) to spread the brand’s message of optimism and community all around. A signature hood stitch means extra hoodie comfort and long wearability - a daily reminder to stay positive in your closet for years to come.

The Facts

✓   Signature hood stitch

✓   Soft pastel colors 

✓   Oversized baggy look

Brand Standards

✓   Advocate for mental health

✓   Use long lasting fabrics



At Kotn, knowing and respecting where your clothes come from is an absolute must. Every item made comes with a commitment to an ethical supply chain— as per Kotn “from farm to hanger”. The 100% Egyptian cotton hoodies are a classic wardrobe staple because of their minimalist design — perfect for giving it your own style.

The Facts

✓   100% Egyptian cotton

✓   Classic and limited edition lines

✓   Boxy slightly oversized fit

Brand Standards

✓   Transparent traceability 

✓   Works with 690 smallholder cotton farms

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Photo Credit: @kotn, @madhappy, @entireworld, @josephmaine, @audreytau, @richerpoorer, @knownsupply, @matethelabel, @yesand

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