Tips For: Date Night At Home

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February 18, 2021
February 18, 2021
What We Considered

✓   Lowkey date night

✓   Quality time for two

✓   The entire night

Our Picks

✓   Be Best Dressed - Industry Standard

✓   The Main Event  - Piecework Puzzles

✓   Cuddle Essentials - Pluto

Once upon a time we were prepping a romantic evening for two by trying to secure a 10 PM reservation to Carbone, thinking about if the extra spray of perfume/cologne would be too much, and spending an unseen amount of time overthinking the first ‘hi, how are you’. These days, we’re lucky to stop work at 7 PM with a glass of wine in hand to catch the latest episode of This is Us together. But we challenge that and say, let’s do something special. Welcome to date night at home: Verticale edition.

Be Best Dressed

This pandemic has probably put two hours back into your date night since you no longer have to rack your brain about the perfect outfit. But that doesn’t mean you need to throw on an old college tee to get it on. Refresh your loungewear with a few staple pieces that will keep you cool and collected for your night at home.

The Main Event

Drum roll please, change up your usual movie and nap on the couch while trying out a new recipe using your new Caraway pots. For the focused types, see how long it takes to finish a puzzle— we recommend unwinding afterward with couples masks. Or, take your chance with a couples yoga video to follow on YouTube (warning: this one could be hilariously disastrous, have your camera ready).

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