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Because sometimes less is more
June 4, 2019
June 3, 2019
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There’s nothing better than throwing on a crisp t-shirt and denim in the summertime. Let us all hail the effortless ease that comes when you have some go-to tees ready for grabbing. And there’s a reason these cotton staples have never gone out of style. So go ahead, keep it simple - we’ll save those attention-grabbing patterns for another day.

We know what you’re thinking… a good cotton tee is expensive, it’s true. But it’s not without cause. The fit, hem and material of a good shirt have to come together to make magic happen, and these t-shirts are worth the upgrade. Just remember, there’s a reason you stopped buying cotton tees from Hanes circa 2012.

The fact is, basics often give us the best look. And since our goal is to keep you fly, we’ve rounded up a few brands that make damn good timeless tees. Sometimes less is more, baby.

Buck Mason

Buck Mason creates products with only the most durable fabrics - made to stand the test of time. They focus on American staples all year round, making them the poster child for the simplistic sentiment of this article. Buck Mason merges old-school craftsmanship with modern techniques in the effortless way you’ll come to expect from this California-based brand.

The Goods

✓ 100% Pima and Slub Cotton

✓ Classic straight hem

✓ Designed to last a lifetime

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Made mostly in the USA 

✓ Local factory, small-batch production runs

Mack Weldon

The founders of Mack Weldon wanted more out of men’s basics - so they decided to start making their own. They strive to offer consistent fit and quality you can count on time and time again. And don’t we all need something to rely on? Mack Weldon takes an innovative approach to fabrics, guaranteeing that you’ll get t-shirts designed to perform.

The Goods

✓ 100% Pima Cotton

✓ Enzyme wash for smooth finish

✓ Strong Ladder Stitch

✓ Designed with purpose, utility and innovation

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Ethical, responsible manufacturing


BYLT believes that your day starts with the first thing you put on. This brand focuses their energy on premium basics and long-lasting signature blends. It’s about time to do away with cheap throwaway basics because you can have the luxury of high quality without the price tag. And don’t you know how we’re a fan of that? Way to tug at our heartstrings, guys.

The Goods

✓ Anti-sweat and durable

✓ Fabric technologies allow for advanced comfort

✓ Unique fabrics

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Minimizing impact with garments made to last


Bonobos, the ultimate men’s go-to brand, never disappoints. This company set on a mission to make better fitting men’s pants 12 years ago - and has since crushed it in pretty much every men’s product category. As you can guess, their t-shirts are no exception. Bonobos holds our trust because of their emphasis on customer care. Maybe that’s why they have the status of the largest clothing brand ever built on the US web. Damn. A slow clap if you will.

The Goods

✓ 100% cotton

✓ Soft lightweight jersey

✓ Self neck trim

✓ Free shipping & returns

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Stand for gender equality & inclusiveness

✓ World class customer service

✓ On a mission to reinvent the retail store experience


Kotn sources their fibers directly from the Nile Delta in Egypt, and their “white gold” is softer than any other cotton out there. The brand supports the cotton farming families in Egypt, a region that has sadly seen a 95% decline in demand from big corporations over the past 20 years who’ve gone in search of cheaper options. Kotn is ethical, B Corp certified, and working to eliminate child labor. A true inspiration with some incredible quality tees - making it easy to pull out our wallets in support.

The Goods

✓ Authentic Egyptian cotton.

✓ 100% certified organic cotton

✓ Straight hem and tonal stitching

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Certified B Corp

✓ Working to prevent child labor

✓ Safe, ethical working conditions with fair and equal pay

Known Supply

Known Supply calls themselves “The Most Human Brand” because they celebrate the people behind the clothing we buy. They empower us to consider the implication of our purchases by giving us a direct touchpoint with the person who made it - by shipping each item along with the factory worker’s signature. They put a name behind that quality tee. We commend them for their collaborative approach and truly outstanding call for change.

The Goods

✓ 100% Premium Pima cotton

✓ Pre-washed to prevent shrinking

✓ Made in Lima, Peru

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Movement and platform for social good

✓ Partner with Krochet Kids intl to help impoverished communities

✓ Ethical, transparent production practices

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Image Credits: Buck Mason, @rusty_ry_ry and @nicholasmaggio, @liamhemsworth / Mack Weldon / BYLT / Bonobos / Kotn / Known Supply

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