3 Ways To Do Valentine’s Day

For them, for you, for home
February 8, 2021
February 12, 2021
What We Considered

✓   Romance at home

✓   Any relationship status

✓   Can be used long after

Our Picks

✓   Eternal Fleur - To set the mood

✓   Dame Products - For the good stuff

✓   Ettitude - Best temp-regulating sheets

Intimacy can be achieved alone or with your partner, any day of the week. But around this time of year, you can totally kick it up a notch and try to re spark some joy and romance into your lives. We find it works really well when you root these plans in self-care. Here's to a home upgrade both S/O’s and singles alike to enjoy. Just think, we’re your mission-driven Cupid coming to the rescue.

Eternal Fleur


Eternal Fleur is adding a piece of everlasting romance to your home. Gift it to yourself, for a little reminder of self-love everyday after, or buy these for someone you love— aka mom, or your badass bff— because they’ll love the fact that these roses will last forever. All you need to do is choose which color is best.

The Facts

✓   Environmentally friendly 

✓   Responsibly sourced flowers

✓   Ethical down to the packaging

Verticale Values

✓   Responsible Materials 

✓   Women’s Empowerment

Dame Products


Dame products will upgrade pleasure, starting this weekend and onward (for the rest of your life). The handheld devices make taking things to the next level whether you’re enjoying this solo or with a partner. Dame founders believe that all humans are entitled to toys that are easy to use and effective. Not only that, this company was made by women, giving them personal understanding of what goes on beyond the women’s sexual wellness glass ceiling.

The Fact

✓   Medical grade silicone 

✓   Pleasure for all

✓   Easy-to-use for beginners 

Verticale Values

✓   Women’s Empowerment

✓   Inclusivity and Individuality



Ettiude is the best way to ensure that if things get hot, your body stays cool. The secret is the bamboo lyocell— a completely sustainable material that keeps your body temp down while you’re taking care of business. Plus, we promise when you feel how soft these sheet sets feel, they’ll last way more than just one Valentine’s Day.

The Facts

✓   Bamboo Lyocell

✓   Different color options

✓   Temperature cooling materials

Verticale Values

✓   Ethical Production

✓   Reducing Waste

✓   Philanthropic

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