How These Razor Brands Are Doing It Better

They Have Us Saying Peace Out, Pink Tax
November 1, 2019
August 1, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Effectiveness of blade

✓   Complimentary shave products

✓   Product aesthetics

Our Picks

✓  Flamingo - Best pastel colored razors  

✓  Billie - Most inclusive messaging

✓  Oui - Sexiest looking products

Crafted to accommodate women’s sensitive skin and busy lifestyles, these online razor brands are doing things differently by making incredible products and feel-good brands you can get behind, plus they ship the goods straight to your door! Say goodbye to the days of razor burn, pink bumps and stubble thanks to a dull razor. Let’s do ourselves a favor and talk about fair pricing too. If you’re woke about Pink Taxes (refresher: on average we pay  7% more on consumer goods just because we’re women, that’s an estimated $40K of added expenses if you were born in 1989), then you’ll appreciate that these brands have done their part by making prices fair.



Meet Flamingo– the razor taking things to a whole new level. Flamingo was created by Harry’s employees Allie and Brittania to give women the same reliable shave men were getting. This razor is known for its light aloe strip and rounded edges that makes those quick, in-a-rush shaving sessions a breeze.

The Facts

✓  Ergonomic razor handle

✓  German engineered five blade cartridges

✓ Made without parabens, mineral oil or petrochemicals

Brand Standards

✓  Cruelty Free

✓  Dermatologist tested

✓ No pink tax



No more panicking because you forgot to pick up a pack of razors--the Starter Kit will cost you $9, and it’s delivered to your door. Billie makes shaving something to look forward to with a genius magnetic handle and proper blade spacing, now your razor can stay in the shower and never get clogged.

The Facts

✓  360 degree charcoal soap blade lining

✓  Ergonomic handle, stainless steel blades

✓  Subscription based on your shaving preferences

Brand Standards

✓  No pink tax, made by women, for women

✓  No parabens or sulfates, and never tested on animals

✓  Donates 1% of sales to global women’s causes



Oui Shave has got us like Oui Oui, if you catch our drift. They make a single edge razor - and okay yes, that does sound a bit intimidating but read on. Oui knows our body hair isn’t a one-kind-fits-all situation, so the single blade is designed for our ladies with sensitive skin and coarse hair.

The Facts

✓  Made to last a lifetime; rose gold stainless steel razor

✓  Refills $11 for a 10-pack 

✓  Great for thick, coarse, curly hair

Brand Standards

✓  More sustainable than disposables

✓  Made for women, by women

✓  Provide lots of how-to and blade care info

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Image Credit: Flamingo, @kasierose_ @meetflamingo @laurajung @polkachelli/ Billie, @waityouneedthis @billie Billie/ Oui, @uncovertheglow @ouishave

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