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Public Rec Is Here To Save Your Life
February 24, 2020
February 24, 2020
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Don’t you just wish you could wear your joggers all day? Yeah, us too—especially when we start thinking about how we feel after a full work day in uncomfortable pants. No one wants that. 

That’s why the All Day Every Day Pant by Public Rec is a complete game changer. With an office look and an activewear feel, you’ll be looking your best while secretly sitting comfy at your desk. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. The All Day Every Day Pant has specialized highly-breathable, moisture-wicking material that combines the stretchiness of spandex and the durability of nylon. With a hidden elastic waistband, faux sewn zipper, and real pockets, no one will know you decided to wear your sweats to work. And if you’re looking for something even more office-ready, meet the Workday Pant complete with belt loops and a real zipper, this one is even more office appropriate and comes in a Straight and Slim fit. Let’s be real, the team at Public Rec has thought of everything.

There’s more. Public Rec has a collection of signature styles with a sharp look and breathable materials. Their secret sauce is pima cotton. Pro tip: check out their Crosstown Bomber and All Day Every Day Jacket. Their classic colors make all of their styles easy to pair a look together without too much thought.

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