These All-Natural Deodorants Will Make You Ditch Antiperspirant

Meet the organic deodorants that won’t damage your skin
November 8, 2019
November 8, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Aluminum, sulfate and paraban free

✓   Sustainable, non-toxic materials 

✓   Protect against odor and wetness 

Our Picks

✓   By Humankind - Best sustainable practices

✓   Native - Most variety in scents

✓   Myro - Best pricing and formula 

Thinking about switching to natural deodorant, but don’t want to smell? We had the same thoughts. So, we researched the top eco-friendly and sustainable all-natural deodorant for women. After all, we know it’s not the best idea to rub aluminum and chemicals on our bodies, so why do we continue to do that daily with our deodorants? We’ve found the best variety of scents, ingredients, and amazing packaging that will make it super easy to actually follow through with the switch! And remember, safe ingredients doesn't have to mean less effective products.

By Humankind


Founders Brian and Joshua created By Humankind after traveling through Southeast Asia and noticing a large amount of plastic waste in the ocean during a scuba diving excursion. That’s when the idea was formed— build a personal care brand that not only cared about ingredients but about the containers they come in.

The Facts

✓   Minimalistic deodorant containers are refillable

✓   No harmful chemicals

✓   $1 of purchase goes to removing plastic from oceans

Brand Standards

✓   Reducing single-use plastic waste

✓   Create less plastic waste by using a refillable container

✓   Advocates for eco-conscious transparency



Frequently called the “I can’t believe it’s not butter” of natural deodorants, Native has made a name for itself in the natural personal care industry. And don’t worry about having an odor because their deodorants come in a variety of unique scents like Coconut & Vanilla or Peony & Jasmine Tea.

The Facts

✓   Hand poured in the United States

✓   High quality products, affordable price

✓  Scents and ingredients for every skin type

Brand Standards

✓   Never tested on animals

✓   Full refund within 30 days if you’re not happy

✓   Exceptional customer service



First things first, Myro’s brightly-colored, minimalistic packaging is every millennial’s dream. This refillable deodorant brand launched last year as a subscription-based model that ships right to your front door. You can create your own custom case ( completely recyclable) and scent pod combo online - or switch the combo whenever the mood strikes you.

The Goods

✓   Refillable case with various colors

✓   Gluten, soy, and mineral oil-free

✓   Dishwasher safe and TSA-approved

Brand Standards

✓   Use mood-inspiring scents

✓   Affordable pricing 

✓   Use high quality plant-powered ingredients 

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