The Wishlist For Brighter Days

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December 8, 2020
December 8, 2020
What We Considered

✓   For the hopefuls

✓   For brighter days ahead

✓   Won’t Be Regifted

Our Picks

✓   Wistful Travelers  - Tortuga

✓   Worker Bees - Modern Picnic

✓   All About Wellness  - Aila

For the next ten minutes, mentally transport back to days pre-pandemic, pre-world-falling-apart, pre-new-normal. Let escapism take the wheel and dream of all your wants, needs, items to check off your bucket list… The pandemic has forced us to slow down (much to the introvert’s delight) and deal with a lot, for today we just want to think glass half full. Think as an optimist— and then think who is the optimist who would love nothing more than a gift to give hope for brighter days ahead?

Wistful Travelers

Your carry-on— or your makeshift night table— has been collecting dust. A refresh in the department of luggage and weekenders is the best way to remind those who mean most that when this is all over, it’s about time for an adventure. Life is short, YOLO, all the rest of the clichéd travel sayings are really haunting you now— so, have you made your bucket list yet?

Worker Bees

For those of us who would do anything to get back into the office, or are the first ones using the space again, we see you. Now, we couldn’t even tell you what got left in our office drawers the day the world closed down— so we might as well refresh and make sure that when we finally get to make our morning commute again, we’re prepared and some.

Sustainable Stylemaker

Never thought we’d see the day we’re begging for the opportunity not to wear sweatpants. Remember the good old days of strutting down the street in your neutral streetwear made of sustainable materials ready to take on the world? Yeah, we really miss it too. No knocks to the sweats, but it’ll sure feel good (and maybe a little weird) when it’s time to put office clothes on beyond the zoom camera again.

All About Wellness

And if there's anything we’ve learned in this dumpster fire of a year, it’s that we really do need to put our wellness first. It could be something small, like remembering to save an extra hour for yoga, or completing your skincare routine— you know by now you’re a pro. So, we’re making the promise that even when we finally get to go back to our regular lives, we won’t forget the moments of self-care that helped us stay sane.

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