The WFH Guide

We may be here longer than we thought
October 14, 2020
October 15, 2020
What We Considered

✓   High quality and premium upgrades

✓   Making at-home work easier

✓   Easily addable to any home office

Our Picks

✓   Papier  - For customizable stationary

✓   Purple - Keeping comfortable on zoom

✓   Bloomscape  - To liven up the space

The pandemic most definitely kicked the idea of working from home into high gear. Remember just a year ago when you felt all cute and trendy when your boss said hey, you can work from home today. Now it looks like most of us can and will continue working from home for the rest of time… kidding, kidding— but not really. Creating a space within your home to be productive and not distracted is no easy task. Let us help you find ways to make it a little easier.

Upgrade Your Home Office

We’ve already learned that your computer will find any way possible to make your zoom meeting harder, so finding a few gadgets to make everything else a little easier may lessen all of the zoom stress. It’s the little things like an auto phone-charging station, a little extra vitamin D, wireless headphones to cut noise, and a seat cushion to end WFH backaches. Sounds like a life of luxury to us.

For The Mood

Lastly, the finishing touch to your zen workspace is surrounding yourself around your favorite scents. When you’re thick in the weeds of answering emails, taking a deep breath and filling your lungs with notes of amber, or fresh cedar and vanilla to bring you back to earth. Now if you’re trying to stock up on candles, “it helps me work” can be your excuse.

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