The Vitamins Worth Taking

What your inner health-nut needs to know about these brands
November 8, 2019
November 8, 2019
What We Considered

✓  Transparent sourcing

✓  Easy-to-take options

✓  Top ingredients 

Our Picks

✓  Seed - Best probiotic/prebiotic 

✓  Care/Of - Best on-the-go option

✓  Rootine - Best non-pill vitamin

Let’s talk about daily vitamins— and before we even start, yes, you really do need them. Get this, Mercy Medical Center reports that 42% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. So, if you spend your whole day in an office, odds are that’s why you’ve been feeling so tired lately. Now, before you start worrying that we’re about to nag you mom-style to start taking your vitamins, we’ve made it almost too easy to make mom proud. Scroll down for the internet’s best vitamins and minerals to add to your diet, and welcome to the new you.



Seed’s daily synbiotic (a fancy way to say the good stuff for your gut) is a two-pill daily supplement that improves your digestive system. They use the good kind of bacteria to keep our bodies functioning. This monthly subscription even comes with a travel bottle so you can keep your good stuff handy anywhere.

The Facts

✓   Supports heart, digestive, skin and immune functions

✓   Male or Female Synbiotic Formulas are $50/month

✓   Patented algae delivery system to survive digestion

Brand Standards

✓   Eco-friendly glass bottles and travel vials are refillable

✓   Mushroom-based packaging 

✓   Rigorous testing to adhere to global standards



Care/Of is all about honesty. Backed by doctors, Care/Of is letting us know exactly what is in our vitamins and where they come from. You can build your own pack based on what vitamins you need, then Care/Of sends you personalized to-go packs with your daily doses.

The Goods

✓   Create-your-own vitamin packs

✓   Prices can range from $5 to $100+

✓   Probiotics, electrolyte boosters and protein powders

Brand Standards

✓  Transparent sourcing

✓  Compostable packs

✓  Research-backed information 



If swallowing pills isn’t your thing, Rootine has nailed down the vitamins and supplements you need. After taking their quiz, they literally determine the dosage you need based on your DNA, lifestyle and (optionally) blood. Instead of shoving it into a pill, they send you custom-made packs of tiny microbeads you can add your food.

The Facts

✓   Daily pill packs are $60/month

✓   Microbeads are absorbed similarly to food

✓   DNA kit and analysis included with your first purchase

Brand Standards

✓   Free shipping, cancel any time

✓   Sustainable manufacturing processes

✓   Triple-checked for quality

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