The Under $100 Gift Guide

Everything you need for him and her on a budget
November 25, 2019
November 25, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Gifts that won’t be regifted

✓   Must be under $100

✓   Personalized, thoughtful ideas

Our Picks

✓   Bombas - Merino Wool Socks

✓   Allbirds - Wool Runners

✓   Naadam - $75 Cashmere Sweater

Here at The Verticale, we know how important it is to spread holiday cheer. And sometimes our holiday cheer can leave our wallets feeling a bit drained. Don’t fret— we’ve found a solution, more for less. It’s our job to look for the best, most personalized gifts for you this holiday season and we are delivering. All of these gifts are under $100 which means you get to start the new year with a little extra dough in your bank account without feeling any gifting FOMO.

Kicks For Getting Around

Thinking on your feet for your next gift idea? These brands have got their kicks figured out from sole to lace. Made with premium quality materials, they are sneakers that fit to your feet so well you could never take them off. From walking around just about everywhere to supporting your feet during a workout, these kicks have got you covered.

For Holding Those Dolla Bills

The wallet has got to be one of the most go-to holiday gifts we can think of. Fear not, this lineup is made from soft, luxurious leather without the crazy markup. With new colors and designs, and personalization options, this is a sure way to kick your once somewhat predictable gift up a notch.

For Carrying Things

These days we’re all on the move. Wouldn’t it be nice to gift someone a bag that doesn’t look like you’re headed to class (don’t worry, we won’t make you relive waking up for 8am’s)? We’re talking sleek, stylish bags that carry just about everything and look great on anyone. Aka, the perfect gift.

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