The Sustainable Gift Guide

Give a gift that loves the planet too
December 11, 2019
December 10, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Kind to the planet

✓   Nice to our wallets

✓   Goes beyond generic giving

Our Picks

✓   Phlur - Hanami Perfume

✓   Frank & Oak - Wool Roll-Up Beanie

✓   Public Goods -  Personal Care Set

This is the gift guide curated especially for that friend who got you to switch to reusable plastic bags (or is still trying to). At The Verticale, we understand the importance of gifting something bigger than the latest trend. We’ve gathered our favorite sustainable companies that promise to do good with their products and make the Earth happier this holiday season.

Usual Wines

Usual Wines— keeps us tipsy enough to be kind to our in-laws and stifling the urge to save the world at the same time. They make their bottles out of recycled glass— so there’s no guilt in clinking your glass here. Did we mention, all wines are selected from sustainable-practicing wineries? Cheers to staying green this holiday season.

Its By-U

Nothing beats fresh flowers, ever. Its-By-U brings the florist shop to you to create your own personalized, easy-to-make, bouquets or arrangements. They only use flowers that are in-season and sustainably sourced. You can gift once or sign up for a subscription to keep gifted past the holidays. Spruce up mom’s holiday set-up this holiday season.


Kotn is answering all of our gift-giving needs by giving us a holiday lounge line. And no, it’s not loungewear that costs more than your average work outfit. Kotn is bringing us maximum transparency and traceability for the clothes that they make. Kotn works hand-in-hand with farm workers to ensure their products are ethically and sustainably sourced.


At Phlur, sustainability is hard-wired into every product. Sandalwood, while being a signature perfume scent, is unsustainably harvested— but lucky for us Phlur has found its sustainable scent match. All of their bottles and containers are made from recycled materials, reducing our waste one yummy scent at a time. 


Reformation offers the latest styles to gift this holiday season without the guilt of fast-fashion looming overhead. Each piece can be checked for sustainability and fabric sourcing right under product details. Reformation is tackling the unsustainable practices of the clothing industry from every angle. If you want to jump down that rabbit hole, click here.

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