The Spa Day Gift Guide

Everything You Need For A Spa Day At Home
November 20, 2020
November 21, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Affordable wellness

✓   Clean ingredients

✓   Easy to use at home

Our Picks

✓   Gilded Body - Best for body rejuvenation 

✓   Grace & Stella - Best for all things skincare

✓   Act+Acre  - Best scalp treatments

Have you been waiting for a few days off this holiday for a much needed spa day? Good thing you can bring everything you need to your door this year. Let’s get real, there is absolutely no harm in taking a break and putting yourself first. If we’ve learned anything from this quarantine, it’s to listen to our bodies. That being said, self-care is one of our top giftables this holiday season simply because everyone deserves a day to unwind. These clean ingredient products put your skin and health first and yield real results (tried and tested everyone). So get to know some of our favs so when your bestie’s unboxing this from a distance, you can let them know why it’s so special.

Gilded Body


For the ultimate at-home mind and body spa experience, meet Gilded Body. Our everyday skincare rituals should be the way to recenter ourselves and find times of peace and calm. Through the use of clean ingredients like lychee, vitamin C, and shea butter, your skin will be thanking you for the much-needed moment of relaxation. Don’t forget to add a Gilded Body candle to your cart for the ultimate spa-day ambiance.

The Facts

✓   Skin care should be accessible for all

✓   Use of clean ingredients only

✓   Aid in daily skin care rituals 

Brand Standards

✓   Diverse Founders

✓   Mind & Body Wellness

✓  Clean Ingredients

Grace & Stella


It’s easy to think the charcoal peel-off mask in the drug store will make your blackheads disappear. But read the back of the label— maybe you’ll think twice. Grace & Stella use real ingredients in all of their facemasks and nourishing products. Each item is vegan and cruelty-free, and for an extended spa day treat, we recommend the DIY at-home wax kit.

The Facts

✓   100% vegan and cruelty-free

✓   Hair and skin products

✓   For all skin/hair types

Brand Standards

✓  Clean Ingredients



It’s the cold-processed hair care that can replace your shelf of overpriced shampoos and conditioners. Act + Acre’s clean ingredient-based approach to hair was created by celebrity hair stylist Helen Reavey. The goal? Create sustainable hair products without chemicals that will leave hair feeling soft, bouncy, and healthy. Treat yourself to a botanical scalp detox followed by a nourishing wash and condition— and not just for your spa day, everyday after that too.

The Facts

✓   Cold-processed ingredients

✓   Safe for all hair-types

✓  Botanical-based scalp detox

Brand Standards

✓   Clean ingredients

✓   Responsible Materials

✓  Women’s empowerment

More Finds

Since the world never fails to throw curve balls our way, we wanted to equip you with a few more of our picks for a good at-home spa day. It never hurts to stock up on clean ingredients, especially when they come from Masami and Onekind. Then, get inspired by Common Ground’s commitment to reduce waste by creating a scrub from coffee waste. And guys, maybe you’ve been staring at your laptop way too long and started noticing your dark circles (or maybe we have too much time on our hands to scrutinize)— either way, Huron’s got you covered.

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