Missed Birthdays And Just Because Gifts

The Quarantine Gift Guide, For Sending Good Vibes From Afar
April 1, 2020
March 30, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Birthday or just because gifts

✓   Quarantine-friendly

✓   Thoughtful and useful

Our Picks

✓   Pieceworks Puzzles - Forbidden Fruit

✓   Great Jones - Holy Sheet

✓   Bombas - Men’s Piqué Quarter

In taking steps to flatten the curve, birthday and anniversary plans have been a bit… derailed. And now because of this utter chaos, you know deep down you have to do something even more special to make up for the fact that we’re all quarantined. You could take a look at the latest birthday parade Tik Toks and pull inspiration from there— or maybe we can do you one better. Here we’ve found stuck-at-home-friendly gift options to brighten any birthday, anniversary, or just because surprises.

Party Of One

If you’ve had to limit the people you love to 1 hour of COVID news a day to stop them from going insane, this is the gifting category for you. Settle nerves with a little extra help thanks to these delivery CBD and alcohol treats. Nothing too crazy here, just enough to get the people who mean the most to enjoy their quarantine bday celebrations.

Holy Sheet. We're Learning How To Cook

Help those out you love ease into the home cook lifestyle. Listen, it’s really a win-win situation. You gift the cooking supplies and you shall receive all of the freshly-baked, just-prepared recipes that are all possible thanks to you. Better schedule time for more exercise.

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