The Parents Gift Guide

The Ultimate Way To Give Back
November 26, 2020
November 26, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Unique and thoughtful

✓   High-quality and well made

✓   Curated for parents 

Our Picks

✓   Sustainable Mom - Ettitude 

✓   “Dad Stuff” - MANTRA

✓   Splurge-Worthy - Nacre

We continue to give back this week, and what better way to give back than to give back to the people who raised you. Some of us have spent more time than normal either with them (driving them crazy this quarantine) or way too much time apart. Bring the peeps you love into the new era of brands— because tried and tested, they loooove the brand stories that are behind them. Just wait until you hear mom or dad boast about the gift you got them to friends and fam, it's the best feeling.

Sustainable Mom

Have you found yourself tipping your hat to mom’s commitment to create less waste with cute reusable water bottles and a compost bin? If yes, she would absolutely fall for any of our sustainable brands on site. Help her snuggle up with a set of Ettitude sheets, and she can reduce waste all together with booni doon face wash. She’s already buying organic, why not show her the other sides of sustainable living?

"Dad Stuff"

As the years go on and on, it gets harder to shop for dad. Maybe it’s because they’re simple, maybe it’s because they just don’t seem to really latch onto anything you’ve been buying off the “gifts for dad” pinterest boards. Surprisingly though, dads tend to geek out about the simple things, whether its a simple pair of Oliver Cabell sneakers that are ethically made, or a MANTRA sustainable golf polo to switch up his wardrobe. At first you may get the “I didn’t need that” but then a week later, he’ll be using/wearing it all the time.


Given us having such a strange year, that is yet another reason to spoil the ‘rents for the holidays. These are great gifts to pop into the siblings group chat to make their days worthwhile. Whether it's a set of pots from Caraway because dad’s decided he’s the next iron chef, or a relaxing candle to ease mom’s stresses about dad in the kitchen from Isle De Nature— they’ll really really appreciate it.

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