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CBD vs. THC 101
June 7, 2019
June 7, 2019
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Hey you, yeah you! YOU deserve to feel 100%

Chill, CBD is not THC! We know, we know, the two terms can get pretty confusing. In need of a refresher? Let us break it down for you real quick. Don’t you worry my friend, because here is your very own CBD 101.

The most commonly asked question is, will CBD get you high? And the simple answer is no. THC is the part of marijuana that gets you high, while the the non-intoxicating part in marijuana is called Cannabidiol, more commonly as - CBD. This compound produces effects similar to THC, except it doesn't get you stoned. So for all you people out there with anxiety and maybe even paranoia, CBD is definitely your match.

Yes that is right, you can avoid those anxious sweats and dizzying stares, all the while still benefiting from some of the positive effects you would get from smoking marijuana. CBD has been said to help anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, seizures, neuroprotective disorders, general pain relief, skin, cancer treatment, and much more. And it can also be used at your discretion for some good old, good feels  - no diagnosis needed and no judgement here. Pretty amazing, right?

And it’s no surprise that CBD oils have become super popular with many consumers who aren't in states where marijuana is legalized. This is obviously because of the simple fact that CBD is now legal everywhere in the U.S. So for the many CBD fans out there, and the others who are starting to wonder what all the hype is about, may we tempt you with a couple of our favorite online-only brands?

Some say CBD is life-changing. And we'd definitely agree.

Not Pot

Don’t worry, it’s Not Pot! These vegan gummies will be sure to sooth that overthinking mind of yours. Stressed? Pop one of those strawberry flavored bears into your mouth. Kind of like taking a chill-pill, get it? And don’t worry, Turn that wrinkle generating frown (sorry someone had to say it) upside down, with your daily chill pill!

The Goods

✓   CBD packaged in an adorable, daily, bear gummy

✓   Helps with stress/anxiety, sleep, pain, and mood

✓   Strawberry flavored

✓   Vegan

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Support the Bail Project, an organization dedicated to combating mass incarceration with a revolving national bail fund used for those in need

✓   Partner with small-scale farmers in Oregon + Colorado


Your mind and body will definitely thank you after a few drops of this. Becoming a member of Feels, means feeling better one step at a time. Small jars compacted with all natural ingredients and strength decided by you. Take a natural approach to relaxing your mind. Because sometimes we need a little help relaxing - and hey, we deserve it.

The Goods

✓   USDA certified organic MCT oil

✓   A whole-plant approach, meaning their products have additional cannabinoids and terpenes to provide maximum benefit

✓   Potent and free of chlorophyll and other chemicals.

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   The “Feals community” was created to bring members together, inviting shared stories and experiences to be told in a safe space

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Image Sources: Not Pot, @twentysomeskin / Feals

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