The Now (And Future) Of Buying Wedding Bands

Men’s wedding bands straight to your front door
September 8, 2020
September 8, 2020
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Guys, congrats, you’ve popped the question and you may think that you’ve done your part but don’t be fooled - wedding planning is never ending (until the wedding is actually over, that is). 

Marke Founders Ben and Dan Mardkha
Marke Founders Ben and Dan Mardkha

Make your life easier by taking the at-home wedding band approach,  made possible thanks to Marke. Forget that painful trip to the jeweler who tells tales about different materials and costs - or the pressure to make an on-the-spot decision. Instead, get a Marke Home Try-On Kit, test multiple wedding bands at once in the comfort of your home and even give one a trial run around the apartment (well, just make sure your dog doesn’t eat it). 

Founders Ben and Dan Mardkha have streamlined the process so going to the jewelers is a thing of the past (and not just because it’s quarantine). They even customize your at Home Try-On-Kit with rings based on your personal style and preference. They’ve really thought of it all. 

Q: Tell us about Marke and and why the newly engaged should have it on their radar (especially during these abnormal times)?

Simply put, the existing wedding landscape isn’t built for guys, or wedding bands. There are a million other ‘big day’ decisions that need to be made, and the band is usually an afterthought even though most guys wear one every single day. So what we’re really trying to do with Marke is reframe the band from a piece of jewelry to an essential part of the wedding and beyond – which it literally is. Marke exists to make finding your wedding band easier than ever, but it does more than just craft quality rings for men. It helps guys through the process and makes things simple, by providing the right guidance but the way a friend would - all without leaving the comfort of your living room.

Walk us through your inspiration behind Marke— how did you realize men would want a wedding band kit sent straight to their door vs going ring shopping?

Ben and I would travel to mom-and-pop jewelry stores around the country doing research for Marke. After about our third visit, we realized that guys would consistently come into stores with their partners looking super lost and overwhelmed because they didn’t know the first thing about wearing a ring. We also noticed in these stores we would visit that the options were endless. Hundreds of different variations. These guys didn’t appreciate having endless possibilities, they all wanted a straightforward selection. To make matters worse, they’d get super annoyed by pushy salespeople, and end up walking away frustrated. When we recapped we were like, why doesn’t a go-to brand for men’s wedding bands exist? It’s literally the only object men carry with them out of the wedding and into every day. That’s when we identified the opportunity and found the best way to not only make guys feel more comfortable finding a wedding band, but make it really easy for them: the Home Try-On Kit. That way, this couple can even make an activity out of this- one can order the Kit for the other and make a thing out of it. 

Home Try-On Kit, $99
Home Try-On Kit, $99

The gold you use to make your wedding bands is sustainably sourced; can you share some insight about the production process and the importance of ensuring your bands make the newlyweds (and the earth) smile?

We’ll be forward here: we don’t mess around with funky designs or cheap material. There’s wayyy too much junk out there right now, ranging from rubber silicone to carbon fiber. We just know our customers, and we know how they feel: if I’m going to wear a ring every day, it should represent not only the way I feel about myself, but also the way I feel about my marriage. That’s why we stick with gold, and styles that’ll never go out of, well…style. From our conversations with guys, we realized pretty quickly that they were looking for three essential components: ease, quality, and affordability. It wasn’t the wedding band that needed reinventing; it was the wedding band experience.

Marke uses strictly Conflict-free (read: no blood was shed during the sourcing of your gold), 100% recyclable, natural 14karat gold. We craft every single band in our family-owned Bryant Park, NYC shop using local employees and are 100% compliant with NYC manufacturing guidelines.

COVID may have changed the way we do weddings for a while now— have you made your way into the micro-wedding scene?

Yeah, looks like couples are going to be celebrating from home indefinitely. Although people may be completely transforming their wedding plans from this extravaganza to, well, a micro-wedding in their backyard, everyone getting married still needs a wedding band. In a way, Marke was already set up for the post-COVID wedding scene from day one. When you create an account with us, we require your wedding date information so that we can accommodate your timeframe. If you’ve ordered your Kit a bit too close to your big day, we go ahead and comp expedited shipping, for example. When you order a Home Try-On Kit, we don’t just send you a generic assortment of sample bands; we let you submit specific preferences (for example, I’m only interested in a Slim Rose Gold band) and even upload a pic of your hand so that we can send you sample bands in your finger size (since most people have no clue what their finger size is - we actually learned this is an essential part of trying on). We essentially bring the jewelry store experience to your doorstep, which happens to fit nicely with post-COVID life.

Classic, $395
Classic, $395

Your Guide to picking a Marke wedding band makes it easy for grooms-to-be to stay organized — any other advice or life  hacks for those out there who have been given wedding planning responsibilities? For sure. We actually both got married within the last two years, and even though we were given minimal responsibilities from the fiancés 😊, we can probably speak for most other guys out there when we say it still gets overwhelming. We’d love to give you some cliché advice like ‘happy wife, happy life’ or ‘choose your battles’ but to be honest, the best advice we can give fellow grooms is to be decisive. There are going to be a few different opinions in the room every day, so the real key is to be firm with the stuff you feel strongly about.

What’s next for Marke? COVID has indefinitely changed the typical wedding planning process; have you thought about any new innovative ways to make your Mark(e)?

The roadmap for Marke includes some super-intuitive product intros in 2021. We just launched the custom-engraved Cufflink for the groom and groomsmen, and are even more excited about our next launch – unfortunately can’t share specifics quite yet, but it might prove interesting to the future Mrs. Marke 😊.

Last question. We talk about the internet’s best brands (and we trust that you’ve tried a few). So we want to know which one’s your favorite but this time for wedding planning, and why.

Zola is super inspiring to us because they took such an intimidating, overwhelming registry process and made it really easy for couples to kind of centralize it. We love what The Black Tux has done for grooms and groomsmen who value quality and affordability like we do.

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