The Men’s Swim Trunks for your Next Getaway

For cannonballing, riding waves and throwing back ice cold beers
July 2, 2019
July 2, 2019
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If you haven’t spent a day in this summer sun yet, hurry up and get outside. It’s contagious (maybe because we were deprived of vitamin D for too long). So are you really ready for summer– aka did you get rid of that old ratty bathing suit you’ve been using since college and upgrade to a new one? We thought, perhaps, you could use some help.

Just like everything else we’ve got you covered in this department too. And no, this article does not include speedos (much to our significant others’ dismay). We’ve got the swim you’ll want to spend your entire summer in, because these brands are paying attention to the fit instead of the funky colors they can add. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean they’re lacking personality. The brands rounded up here are keyed into the latest styles - and the patterns are more grown up playful, and less inspired by a children’s rack.

Our tip? Focus on finding a swimsuit that hugs your body in a comfortable way so it doesn’t come rushing down when that wave hits a little too hard. And if you ask us, we’re more into subtle sexy, rather than flashy suits everyone will glare at on the boardwalk. But hey, to each his own.


Ever since Bonobos succeeded in eliminating “diaper butt” from our pants, they’ve brought that perfect fit to swim trunks too. Bonobos is out there making sure their quality and fit is the best that it can be– they’ve even given us the opportunity to try before you buy IRL at their Guideshops. The signature curved waistband gives Bonobos the upper hand in making sure your trunks have the perfect fit, and you won’t have to worry about them weighing down or falling off. Unless ya know, that’s what you’re going for.

The Goods

✓   Signature curved waistband with interior drawstring and snap closure

✓   Mesh interior lining and zip fly

✓   Side and button-through back welt pocket

✓   Banzai E-Waist trunks have 4-way stretch fabric

✓   Extended and custom sizing is always available

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Reducing waste through responsible manufacturing

✓   Stand for gender equality & inclusiveness

✓   On a mission to reinvent the retail store experience

Mack Weldon

Consistency is key for Mack Weldon’s founder, Brian Berger. We’ve got one word for ya– basics. Now how many of us can honestly say we’ve got a basic go-to trunk in our closet? Our guess is probably not many. And it’s not because we haven’t tried, it’s just that if the color is right the fit is wrong - and if the fit is good the pattern is way too bold. Stop the stress, no more settling for something that’s just okay. Mack Weldon’s quick dry high stretch fabric means that your shorts won’t be clinging to you if you accidentally get pushed into the pool.

The Goods

✓   Four way stretch material

✓   Quick dry and non-clingy

✓   Interior drawcord for a perfect fit

✓   Premium velcro fly

✓   Zip Front and back pockets

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Sourced and manufactured in WRAP and ISO certified factories

✓   Recycle and Refresh– get rid of your overworn basics quick and easy

Best Made

We like the way it sounds: Best Made. With a name like that, they’ve really gotta be walking the walk if you ask us. And for that we give Best Made the stamp of approval when it comes to swim. With only 3 classic styles to choose from, you aren’t overwhelmed, and the pattern does not look like grandma’s old couch from the 70s (if you were even alive for that). But seriously, Best Made prides themselves on their high quality make, giving us complete transparency about where our clothes really come from. They’re also awesome motivators, so if you are looking for that extra push to start your adventure, check out their blog page and core values, catch an adventure bug, and be sure to pack your new swim trunks.

The Goods

✓   6" Inseam

✓  2 Front slash pockets

✓  One back pocket with flap and button closure & key loop 

✓  Interior pockets have mesh at the bottom so water can drain out

✓  Adventures Blog allows us to see the brand really take on the wilderness

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Complete transparency about where everything is made

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Image Credit: Bonobos, @bonobos, @Tommydiquasi/ Mack Weldon, @robertlpalmer, @mackweldon, @zacharymcarter/ Best Made, Best Made, @lovebryan, @mikedetemple

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