The Kicks You Need For Your Every Look

Girl, we found the best sneakers
January 24, 2020
January 24, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Maximum comfort

✓   Shoes that can do both

✓   Sleek and stylish colors

Our Picks

✓   Greats - Best for comfort & style

✓   Lane—Eight - Best for the gym

✓   Tread  - Best for wearing around town

The days of having to hide a pair of heels under your desk because you just wanted a day off from hearing yourself click-clack everywhere are coming to an end. Brands are taking sneakers to a new level; they’re using premium leather and brandless designs that match perfectly with a pair of slacks, a dress, or your sweats. But it’s not just leather that we’re loving— it’s the fact that all of these sneakers are finally about the style, and not the flashy labels which means these sneaks don’t ruin your monthly financial plan.



Greats are our go-to sneaker for maximum city-strutting comfort. Say goodbye to wearing booties and heels every day and start pairing your jeans and skirts with these leather sneaks. Be sure to check out their Royal Knit style too - not only are they comfortable but they’re also sustainably made out of recycled water bottles. Win win.

The Facts

✓   Full grain leather or sustainable knit

✓   Waxed-cotton laces

✓   Ortholite insert soles

Brand Standards

✓   Knit sneaks keep plastic out of the ocean

✓   Working to be carbon neutral



Lane—Eights are made to stand up to all workouts: from going through the airport, to your metcon class. The soft colors give you the opportunity to create your own personalized on-the-go look. Plus, these sneakers form to your feet after the first few wears to give you support in all the right places.

The Facts

✓   Shoes for the everyday athlete

✓   Natural and pastel color options

✓   Conforms to your foot for extra support

Brand Standards

✓   100% vegan sneakers

Tread By Everlane


Treads are the latest innovation from one of our favorite brands, Everlane. These sneaks give you that vintage 80s look to match your mom-jean style but way more sustainable. Their top-grain leather and suede keep it classy while you’re hitting your 10,000 steps whether you’re trying to or not. Here’s to wearing these bad boys all around town.

The Facts

✓   Soles are 94.2% recycled plastic

✓   Leather from gold-certified tannery

✓   Laces and lining are recycled bottles

Brand Standards

✓   On the path of zero impact

✓   Working to offset emissions

More Finds

The sneaker fun doesn’t end here. We’ve added a few more brands to our must-click list. Most importantly, they make our feet feel like we can walk for miles without getting the dreaded back-of-the-heel sneaker blister. These brands are constantly innovating to reach new levels of comfort, style, and sustainability.

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