The Holidays At Home

What you need for a bright holiday season inside
December 2, 2020
December 2, 2020
What We Considered

✓   For happy days inside

✓   A good home refresh

✓   Timeless styles for past the holidays

Our Picks

✓   Kitchenware - Caraway 

✓   Soft Scents - Isle De Nature

✓   New Kind of Decor - Piecework Puzzles

Holiday festivities are encroaching. The lights are illuminating the night to admire from a safe social distance and we are all shopping for gifts, since that will be the biggest way to stay close while being a bit far from the people you tend to spend these wonderful days with. Nevertheless, it’s the perfect time for an at-home refresh. Some of us never have the holidays at home, and this year that all changes. So whether it’s a little bit of decor, or scoring a new cozy couch, we’ve picked the best to make your holiday season the brightest it can be.

A Cozy New Couch

If you haven’t opted for a new couch during quarantine, we highly suggest it. Not just because our favorite internet brands listen to your needs so they do things like placing USBs inside the furniture or let you pick your custom fabric— but also because you will be spending the entire winter watching the latest on Netflix. So you may as well make sure you are as comfy as can be.


If you’re like us you’ve probably turned to google to find the latest and greatest holiday recipes to try as we countdown to the end of the year. Whether you’re looking to recreate your grandma’s signature holiday dish, or dying to try a candy cane martini, it’s definitely time to upgrade to some aesthetically pleasing cookware.

New Kind of Decor

Finally, there’s no better way to add that amazing holiday sprinkle to your house than with a bit of decor. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending the holidays solo or having a few of your family and friends over— adding a bit of cheer takes this season from dull to bright in flash. Our favorite has to be a Piecework puzzle, because not only does it look cool on your coffee table, but everyone can contribute to make a finished piece.

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