The Ethical Brands You Need To Know

Here's To A Decade of more thoughtful purchases
January 17, 2020
January 17, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Ethical production

✓   Sustainable innovation

✓   Styles that last

Our Picks

✓   Mate The Label - Best for comfort

✓   For Days - Best for basics

✓   Bleusalt - Most fashionable

Fun fact: our founder’s inspiration for The Verticale came soon after watching The True Cost. If you haven’t watched yet, it’s on Amazon Prime Video (you’re welcome). The documentary is a great way to kick off the new year— actually, it’ll make you never want to shop in fast fashion again. The good news is, you aren’t being ignorant. Let’s talk about the brands that deserve a round of applause. They’re kicking the status quo (fair prices and lots of styles) to the curb: limiting stock quantities, innovating better, using more sustainable production methods, and following fair trade practices in their factories.

Mate The Label


This Los Angeles based brand is creating clothes from organic cotton only, steering clear of the 8,000 chemicals that are found in fast fashion fabrics. In fact, all of their fabric sourcing comes from a 10-mile radius of their U.S. factory. With simple colors and comfy silhouettes, it’s easy to fall in love with Mate The Label.

The Facts

✓   Muted, natural color palette

✓   Comfy, soft casualwear

✓   Transparent fabric portfolio

Brand Standards

✓   100% recycled packaging

✓   10-mile radius for sourcing

✓   GOTS certified cotton

For Days


Meet For Days— basics with a not-so-basic impact. This company is closed loop, which means they let you trade out old styles for new styles at a price, and they recycle your clothes for you. Basically they’re saying no more guilt for sending your clothes to Salvation Army. This swap out also means your new clothes come in at a lower price— and we love that

The Facts

✓   Closed loop system

✓   100% recyclable clothing

✓   Basics you’ve been needing

Brand Standards

✓   Zero waste company

✓   100% carbon neutral transportation



Bleusalt is here to prove that luxury styles can in fact be completely sustainable. Their beech tree fiber is the key to creating comfortable, elevated basics. Their innovations have allowed them to lower the typical luxury price-point of outrageous to a new market of affordable luxury styles. Another plus, Bleusalt styles range for all parts of the day.

The Facts

✓   Luxury styles

✓   Beech Tree fiber based

✓   Men’s, women’s and children’s styles

Brand Standards

✓   Working to be carbon neutral

✓   Helping to clean plastic from our oceans

More Finds

We get it, fast fashion is easy and affordable. But let’s be honest, you’re giving away garbage bags of clothes a year because they didn’t hold up (quality or trend wise). Change your ways and start buying pieces that will last for years, trust us when we say the investment is worth it— so much so, we needed to add a few more brands to your ethical dressing list.

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