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October 10, 2020
October 10, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Dorm/apartment-friendly

✓   Easy on your wallet

✓   Premium materials + ingredients

Our Picks

✓   A Self-Care Weekend - HeTime Facemasks

✓   You Don’t Only Have To Thrift - Graceful District

✓   For Exam Week  - Highline Wellness

A normal night: an Instagram feed bombarded with seemingly cool brands and then you click to buy and find out they want over $150 for a sweatshirt, $90 for a new hair product, and $60 for a facemask promising clear skin. Yeah, no. While we’re always looking for the latest and best brands— because let’s face it, nothing feels better than telling your friends your shoes are made of recycled materials, or your new skincare routine only uses ethical ingredients. Being away at school makes it hard to live your new found brand-guru dream, so we’re here to change that. We’ve grabbed our top brands that are easy on a college-kid budget but will for sure change your life.

A Self-Care Weekend

Take a beat with a lowkey weekend to hit refresh with a nice face mask or body scrub that can be easily stored and even shared (if you’re feeling generous). These days it’s the little things. Plus, who doesn’t love the sound of exfoliating, facemasks, and drunk jenga— maybe even an at-home manicure? If you’re hungover in the morning, at least your face and skin will be glowing.

Because No One Is Really Awake At 8 AM

Those of us in zoom class who thought it’d be easy to wake up at 7:58 for your 8 AM were dead wrong. Don’t know if it’s zoom fatigue or the missing coffee/energy drink you used to grab to make it through, but there surely needs to be some solution. Consider adding ‘barista’ to your resumé with easy at home pour over kits and matcha blends for a much needed pick-me-up.

A Pop Of Style

When it comes to minimalist stackable jewelry, we’re big fans. What we don’t love? When the buy two get two sale turns your fingers green after one day of wear. Then, to top it off, the easy pop of a necklace clasp to spoil your entire aesthetic. Never again. We’ve found sustainable minimalist jewelry made to perfectly finish off your casual stay at home look. 

For Exam Week

If you’re like us, you aren’t waiting until exam week to lean into the CBD trend. Catch us sipping on Recess during our zoom meetings to feel calm and collected, maybe even more focused thanks to the L-Theanine. These brands have bottled that chill feeling using certified CBD ingredients that actually work. With the fate of our college experience changing every week, we’ll take all of the calm we can get.

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