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April 8, 2020
March 26, 2020
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We’re all staying home, we’re all being bombarded with online retail sales, and watching the news every day is getting to us. During uncertain times, it's difficult to know whether that impulse purchase will actually ease our worries. That's exactly why we've rounded up top online brands that are looking past sales and using their voice to do something bigger. By now, you probably know that small businesses are heading into uncharted territory - and despite that this crew is using everything they've got to make a positive impact. You should feel damn good about purchasing something from any of them - I know we do.

Whether it be signing up for texts that spread joy with Summersalt, or reading up tips to living a successful WFH life with Sarah Flint’s CEO Mary Beech. Brands like Monica and Andy are even going the extra mile and lowering the prices of their GOT certified products to make them more accessible. It feels really good to know our go-to’s are looking out for us.

Note:  100% of profits of profits from this article's affiliate sales will be donated to No Kid Hungry, an organization that's helping to feed kids during the Coronavirus crisis. This article will be updated daily with brands making a positive impact for COVID-19 relief for the foreseeable future. Email us for consideration. And stay safe.


Guys, now is the time to decide to start taking care of your skin. If Huron’s already low and affordable skincare line hasn’t made its way onto your shower shelves, it will now. Huron will be donating 40% of all sales to Feeding America. So for goodness sakes, start washing your face.


We know you, so we know that you’ve been wanting a pair of Allbirds for a while now. Grab them now, beginning March 24th, you can bundle any shoe purchase with a donation to immediately supply a pair of Wool Runners to a healthcare professional who’s already reached out to the brand. Already have a pair? It’s fine you can just donate.

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