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Makeup Made With Clean Ingredients
October 16, 2020
October 16, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Long-lasting wearability

✓   Made with clean ingredients

✓   Affordable price points

Our Picks

✓   Glossier  - Largest product line

✓   Range - Most inclusive line

✓   Saie  - Most sustainable

We are celebrating the era of clean and accessible beauty. For too long the word clean was synonymous with ridiculously expensive, but not anymore. As we become more aware of how the beauty industry affects our environment, (we can go one for days about plastic exfoliating microbeads) the less desire we have for the latest eye shadow palette and instead look to one or two good products that look natural and last through your zoom meetings.

These days we aren’t settling for the items at our local drug store— we’re looking for ingredients we can pronounce and naturally occurring remedies that can help our skin while giving us a fresh face look. We’ve found the brands that have made finding your foundation shade possible, without worrying about chemicals that will clog your pores.



Glossier has indefinitely revolutionized the way we do our make up. After founding Into The Gloss, Glossier learned about the products that real women were looking to add to their daily routine. To all of the minimalist makeup lovers, each cruelty-free product is buildable which means you have plenty of room to play.

The Facts

✓   Transparent ingredient list

✓   Makeup, skincare, and body care

✓   Easy to buy bundle options

Brand Standards

✓   Vegan + Cruelty free

✓   Less waste packaging

Range Beauty


Range Beauty has made it their mission to provide all shades of foundation made with clean and ethical ingredients— finally an all inclusive makeup line. Instead of using makeup to hide your natural skin, Range works with you to make your inner beauty shine. If you’re part of the forgotten shades fam, fear no more. We found the perfect clean beauty option for you.

The Facts

✓   Clean ingredients

✓   Foundation shades for all skin colors

✓   Buildable coverage formulas

Brand Standards

✓   Commitment to clean ingredients

✓   Inclusivity of all skin colors



Meet Saie, the beauty brand thinking about sustainability from start to finish. Each product is created with a high set of standards by eliminating any toxic or harmful ingredients— fun fact: the EU has 1300 banned ingredients and the US only has 11. Luckily, we know Saie is here to change that from the inside out.

The Facts

✓   Eyes, lips, and face products

✓   Lightweight soft finishes

✓   Only uses clean ingredients

Brand Standards

✓   High level commitment to sustainability 

✓   Fighting against environmental racism

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