The Best Denim the Internet Has To Offer

Buying denim online can be tough, we’re here to show you the way
November 5, 2019
June 6, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Highest quality fabric 

✓   Fit of jeans

✓   Sustainable practices 

Our Picks

✓   Reformation - Most sustainable practices

✓   AYR - Best fit on your behind

✓   DSTLD - Best go-to colors

When it comes to buying jeans, most of us have stayed with the same, predictable brands. We get it, once you find a pair that fit your body type, why waste time scouring for another brand. But we’re here to tell you that your go-to's might have to take a backseat to these top-quality, fairly-priced online jean brands. We’ve rounded up companies with more efficient supply chains, which ultimately means the denim covering your behind is infinitely higher quality than you’ll find anywhere else within that price range.



The facts: Reformation denim is what wardrobe dreams are made of, and they save Mother Earth with their sustainable practices, using renewable, recyclable and natural materials. Reformation makes the trendy styles we want, but with high-quality fabrics— what we’re saying is they’ve totally reinvented fast fashion. And, that deserves a round of applause!

The Facts

✓  Made in Los Angeles (aka the denim capital)

✓  Denim prices start at $98

✓  Extended sizes available

Brand Standards

✓  Saving Mother Earth with sustainable practices

✓  Ethical production practices

✓  Size inclusivity



There’s nothing better than a buy that’ll last a lifetime. AYR is committed to bringing us denim we can wear All. Year. Round.— get it? They pay attention to the details with a life-changing hem and inseam that perfectly fits the narrowest part of your waist. Never worry about bunching or sagging again.

The Facts

✓   Premium denim made for lots of wears

✓   Seasonless essential styles

✓  True to size fit and stretch options

Brand Standards

✓   Committed to creating confidence through clothing

✓   Made by women, for women

✓   Eco friendly, recycled options



Coveted for their understated yet modern styles, DSTLD makes an edited color palette of only four colors: black, white, grey and denim. And they go a step beyond, ensuring ethical labor practices and using sustainable materials whenever possible. LA-based, DSTLD is giving us top-quality jeans at a fair price.

The Facts

✓  Top-of-the-line premium fabrics 

✓  Under $100

✓  An edited color palette: black, white, grey & denim 

Brand Standards

✓  Ethical labor practices, 100% sweatshop-free

✓  Eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics on select styles

✓  Commitment to premium denim fair price

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Image credit: Reformation @primaa.donna/ AYR / DSTLD @enigivensunday/ Everlane ,@talliia / Sézane / Frank and Oak

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