The Baby Food Your Kid Actually *Wants* to Eat

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October 25, 2019
September 25, 2019
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Strawberry basil pie. Lebanese lentil soup. Peas and zucchini with hemp hearts. Nope, these aren’t the latest offerings from your Sunbasket subscription—they’re baby food. Yes, today’s lucky tots are getting freshly made superfood blends delivered to their door. Let’s give our little babes everything they need to grow up just right. 

Gone are the days of mushy mystery jars (strained peas? Ick). Now, the best in baby food is vibrant, nicely textured, delicately spiced, and, well, actually delicious. We aren’t kidding, we’ve tried it. Fun fact: research shows its key to introduce a wide range of foods and flavors from early on. Turns out, babies age 4 to 8 months have a “flavor window” when they’re more open to trying new foods. And feeding a child the same foods repeatedly makes them more apt to like it —and other new flavors—down the road. So it’s time to break out the beets, beans and broccoli on repeat - no more picky eaters in these parts. 

Let’s be real, whipping up a gourmet meal three times per day can feel daunting. No one has time for that. That’s where the new baby food delivery services come in - here to deliver rainbows of flavor right to your door. With a slew of options from steaming and pureeing to simply tearing off the lid and grabbing a spoon, there’s truly something for all of our little ones.

Little Spoon

Developed by nutritionists and pediatricians, Little Spoon’s fresh blends are customized to your kid’s age and development. You can filter your favorites on their site by texture (simple to adventurous) and benefit (bone health, immunity), and options range from basic to bold. Every container comes with a little spoon (get it?) for feeding on-the-go. P.s. don't forget to check out their boosters powders to

The Goods

✓   Plant-based

✓   Blends arrive fresh (made to be consumed within 14 days)

✓   Delivery every other week

✓  Prices based on location and frequency: $2.75-3.50 per meal

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Big-8 allergen-free

✓   Certified organic

✓   Non-GMO

✓   Non-heat pasteurization

✓   BPA-free, recyclable packaging


Yumi’s made-fresh, nutrient-dense blends come ready to eat and feature more than 80 ingredients across their menu (including superfoods like Japanese sweet potato and flax oil and spices like cinnamon, curry and turmeric). They’ve also got a Tots Box add-on with finger-food bites so your growing babes can feed themselves. Goals.

The Goods

✓   Plant-based

✓   All purées are shipped fresh

✓   Prices based on frequency: $4.29-5 per meal

✓   Eat meals within one week or freeze for up to two months

✓   Eat thawed meals within 24 hours

✓  Three levels of purees: single ingredient, two+ ingredients, chunkier blends

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Email access to a nutritionist to answer all your food Qs

✓   All organic ingredients

✓   Big-8 allergen-free

✓   No preservatives

✓   Recyclable packaging

Raised Real

If you’d like to be a little more hands-on in terms of food prep, you’ll love Raised Real. The company ships flash-frozen packs of peeled and chopped fruit and veg, and lets you handle the steaming/pureeing/mashing. This option allows a little more flexibility—and it’s quite nice to see the real chunks of whole food come rolling out, too.

The Goods

✓   Plant-based

✓   Choose from two pricing tiers: $5-5.50 per meal

✓   Flash freezing ensures nutrients are properly preserved

✓   Easy prep: Add a little water and quickly steam on the stove or in the microwave, then mash, puree or leave whole

✓  Most meals contain less than 5g of natural sugars

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Text access to a nutritionist-run hotline for questions about all things baby food

✓   All-organic ingredients sourced from sustainable farms

✓   Recyclable and compostable packaging

✓  Big-8 allergen-free

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