The Astrology Gift Guide

The Perfect Gift Is Written In The Stars
November 22, 2020
November 23, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Personalized ideas

✓   Gifts that have meaning

✓   Won’t be regifted

Our Picks

✓   Taurus  - Cadence Candle Co.

✓   Libra - A.N. Other

✓   Pisces - MASAMI

Sometimes you need some help from a higher power to find the best gift for the people who mean most to you. The gifts that mean most are the ones that mean more than a simple check off the list of items to give. We figured there was no better way to choose meaningful items than leaving it up the stars. So spend some time here(maybe even look up some birthdays on Facebook if you need to) to get equipped for the holiday season to come.


Like Aries, we are confident that these picks are not unnecessary nuances, but in fact everyday needs. Gifting an Aries something they can use on the daily. Their joie de vivre lifestyle means that Gilded Body will be the best way to help them slow down and enjoy the finer rituals of life before they begin headfirst diving into their next adventure.


One way to keep the Libra in your life going is to make sure they get their 8-hours of sleep (cue the Not Pot sleep gummies).  Since Libras tend to look for moments of peace, Nuprava’s ethically made yoga mats will bring out their inner yogis all with a spritz of A.N. Other in the air giving them the best ambiance for wellness.


Passionate, imaginative and fiery, gifts for Scorpios need some excitement. Finding brands that go against the grain will spark good vibes whether that be a signature bag from Nisolo, or CBD-infused bath salts from Foria. Embrace the mysterious and alluring side of your fav Scorpios, and you will be deemed best gift-giver this season.


For the Sag’s in your life, just know that the best gifts are the ones they get to explore. Surprise them with a Tortuga bag which will surely have them finding a new and very useful new pocket with every wear. Then, give them the gift of noise-cancelling Know headphones so they can get to know their fav artist’s latest album drop with no distractions.


Capricorns are goal-oriented and they like getting things done, but by no means does that mean they want to be in the spotlight. So choosing gifts that are a bit more subtle, yet chic and useful will be their way to make the Capricorns in your life burst with excitement. A beautiful and simple Nacre watch, for example, will speak to their practical and self-reliant roots.


The no-rules free spirit of an Aquarius means that opting for something unconventional for the holidays is an absolute yes. Their commitment to the environment makes brands like Onekind and GLDN some of our site favorites for these adorable air signs. When in doubt— always opt for something sustainable and made with a story.


Give the Pisces in your life a bundle of gifts to start the new year with self-care at the top of mind. These plant-loving, bullet-journaling pals will appreciate a fresh beginning as we head to 2021. A journal by Papier will mean that they get to unleash their inner creativity all while indulging in a little me-time with some MASAMI hair care.

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