The Adult’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Talk Dirty To Us
February 5, 2020
February 5, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Clean ingredients

✓   Ways to change things up

✓   Bringing the heat to the bedroom

Our Picks

✓   Maude - Best for foreplay

✓   Lola - Best for keeping it clean

✓   Dame -  Most adventurous

This Valentine’s Day, you may be looking for a few ways to shake things up— the flowers and chocolate, although endearing can get a bit predictable. Counting down to the “most romantic” night of the year implies that perhaps you’ll get lucky sometime in the near future. So we took the liberty of rounding  up a few brands that will upgrade your bedroom game without making you feel like you’re walking into the red room. Let’s lose the sexual wellness stigma and talk dirty for a change.



Maude is the best way to introduce some excitement in the bedroom, even if you think you have enough. They are shaking up the sex wellness industry by bringing us inclusive and simple products. Their candle burn no. 1 adds some romance to the air — and imagine the surprise when your partner finds out the candle wax is going to double as your massage oil for the night.

The Facts

✓   Aloe-based lubricant

✓   Paraben free products

✓   Easy-to-shop kits

Brand Standards

✓   Inclusive sex products

✓   Promoting sexual health



Lola is keeping it simple and classy with a few easy-to-grab products that will make your perfect night. Providing condoms, lubricant, and cleansing wipes (all available in an easy-to-bring kit) it'll take you no time to get ready for round two — or three — without ever killing the mood.

The Fact

✓   Water-based lubricant

✓   Low odor, natural latex condoms

✓   Products are vegan

Brand Standards

✓   Donates period products for every purchase



Dame is taking the time to close the pleasure gap. They’ve created products that bring the heat and make sure to hit all of the right places. Whether you are having sex or flying solo for the night, Dame is there to make it a night to remember.

The Facts

✓   USB charging vibrators

✓   Medical grade silicone

✓   Aloe-based lubricant

Brand Standards

✓   Promotes inclusivity of all kinds

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