Hats, Gloves & Scarves To Match Your Coat

Winter isn’t over yet.
February 9, 2020
February 9, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Always comfy, never itchy

✓   Sleek styles

✓   Premium materials

Our Picks

✓   Cuyana - Most luxe style

✓   Sézane - Best for vintage vibes

✓   Frank And Oak - Best everyday style

We're heading into the long haul to spring— and  cold winter nights are starting to get the best of us. Too bad we’re past the holiday spirit keeping us warm. To survive the rest of winter, what we need are cozy accessories that keep us warm inside without making us feel like a winter marshmallow. Fortunately, our trusted brands have made great go-to styles that match our parkas while keeping us on trend.



Cuyana is bringing us the ultimate warmth using alpaca and cashmere to beat even the coldest of winter nights. Cuyana stands for intentional purchases that last— and the quality of their products reinforces that. Here’s to timeless styles that we can wear for this winter and the rest to come.

The Facts

✓   Alpaca wool and cashmere

✓   Feminine knit designs

✓   Designed in San Francisco

Brand Standards

✓   Believe in a lean closet

✓   Ethical production

✓   Sustainably sourced materials



Sézane is adding their vintage look to your winter coat. They’ve even branched out to men’s styles with their men’s company, Octobre. Since Sézane is committed to creating the finest styles the French way, your hats and scarves will take you out of your usual winter scene and transport you right to Paris.

The Facts

✓   Made in Italy

✓   Luxurious fabrics

✓   On trend colors

Brand Standards

✓   GOTS certified fabrics

✓   La Grande Collecte recycling program

✓   Demain, Sézane’s philanthropic program

Frank And Oak


Frank And Oak is getting us through winter with their simple and sleek everyday hats and scarves. With different colors and patterns to choose from, there is a look for everyone. Aka, no one should have cold ears walking downtown on a windy day. Plus, their signature styles use Yak wool to keep us extra warm without spending a fortune.

The Facts

✓   Yak wool, knit, and nylon options

✓   Ribbed, simple designs to match everything

✓   Scarves, hats, and gloves

Brand Standards

✓   Always innovating to be more sustainable

✓   Low impact products

✓   Recycled packaging

More Finds

Because we love being all bundled up, we’ve dropped a few more spots to grab some winter goodies. We’ve been told for so long that there’s a difference between looking good and being warm— we say that’s a lie. It’s all about adding the right layers to any winter jacket to be able to walk in a winter wonderland without freezing your a** off. 

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Cuyana/ Frank And Oak, @frankandoak/ Oak + Fort/ Universal Standard/ Sézane/ Octobre/ Everlane/ The Arrivals

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