Sweaters That Won’t Break The Bank

Cozy sweaters made to keep you warm
October 24, 2020
October 24, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Timeless styles

✓   Won’t break the bank

✓   Cozy and soft

Our Picks

✓   Thakoon - Best for minimal style

✓   Naadam - Most sustainable

✓   Sézane  - Most silhouette options

As the crisp fall air settles in, your cozy fall sweater will be the best addition to your socially-distant weekend outings. The dreams of slipping into soft, sustainable cashmere and fluffy warm knits are here. With all of the time we’ll be spending at home this winter, a pop of color or a unique silhouette is the pick-me-up we didn’t know we needed for our next zoom meeting. And most importantly, these sweaters will not cost you an arm and a leg — and will last you way more than one season.



Soft neutrals and minimal style are two of the many reasons why we’ve been adding more and more Thakoon into our closets. Using premium materials such as recycled polyester, wool, and alpaca, choose from chic styles that match perfectly with the 90’s pants trend that thankfully never seems to be going away. 

The Facts

✓   Affordable prices

✓   Premium materials

✓   Neutral color options

Brand Standards

✓   Premium craftsmanship

✓   Incorporating sustainable materials



You can thank the goat’s (the Mongolian Zalaa Jinst White Goat to be exact) for Naadam’s plush and cozy sweater line. Spend days snuggled in warm wool cashmere— and for those of us who like to stay a bit cooler, don’t worry, they have lightweight options too. The biggest decision here is: turtleneck or cardigan?

The Facts

✓   Soft and buttery cashmere

✓   True to size cashmere

✓   Light and heavyweight options

Brand Standards

✓   Made with sustainable materials

✓   Partake in anti-desertification programs

✓   100% cruelty-free



If you are itching for days once spent across the waters, Sézane is the best way to bring a little piece of Paris home to you. Their chunky knits and cardigans are made with an effortless feminine touch thanks to their delicate weaving and elevated eye for the best colors and patterns.

The Facts

✓   Quality sustainable pieces

✓   Made with cashmere, alpaca, and mohair

✓   Innovative silhouettes

Brand Standards

✓   No overproduction

✓   Ethical and safe working conditions

✓   Philanthropic giving program

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