Sustainability, But Make it Fashion

The top clothing brands putting Mother Earth first
April 21, 2020
April 20, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Strong sustainability initiatives

✓   High-quality at affordable prices

✓   Unique new fibers & materials

Our Picks

✓   Reformation - Best for fashionistas

✓   Naadam - Softest materials

✓   Outerknown - Best regenerative designs

Fashion is the 3rd most polluting industry in the world. No time to sift through jargon about CO2 emissions and water neutrality? No worries— we’ll break it down for you. We’ve taken the time to think about a different way in which each of the following brands is putting their best sustainability foot forward. 



We know your WFH uniform has primarily been party on top (for the zoom meetings ofc) and chill on the bottom. No judgement here. Reformation jeans are made from Tencel™ Lyocell fiber, which requires just half an acre to grow enough trees to make one ton. Cotton needs  5x that amount. Additionally, most of their fabrics are made from linen, an already super sustainable material, or recycled; cotton, nylon, or cashmere.

The Facts

✓   Regenerated, recycled, and organic fabrics

✓   Casual + dressy options

✓   Timeless styles that last

Brand Standards

✓   Carbon and water neutrality

✓   Full production transparency



Have you ever seen a goat in a sweater--no? Pause, look it up, and come back. Now that you’ve had your daily dose of cuteness, you should know that goats are equally helpful in providing us with sweaters. Naadam sources their cashmere from the Mongolian Zalaa Jinst white goat. The process is 100% cruelty-free and they partake in anti-desertification programs to ensure our planet, and the goats, stay healthy and safe.

The Facts

✓  Sourced directly from Mongolia

✓  Mens + womens knitwear

✓  Cashmere sold at 50% the market price

Brand Standards

✓   Cruelty-free cashmere

✓   Higher wages for the herders

✓   Elimination of desertification



Founded by two surfers, Outerknown is best known for their dedication to cleaning up the ocean. 90% of the fibers they source are organic, recycled, or regenerated. Whether it’s their swim trunks made from recycled water bottles or the amazing ECONYL ® fibers regenerated from fishing nets, they’re constantly working hard to eliminate ocean waste while giving you high quality apparel.

The Facts

✓  Men's + women's styles

✓  Shirt buttons made from nuts

Brand Standards

✓   Fair Trade Certified™ facilities

✓   Repair, resale, and recycle

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