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December 10, 2020
December 10, 2020
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Emily Boffeli, aka @emilyboffeli

Five years ago, Emily Boffeli, aka @emilyboffeli, took a leap of faith, left her small hometown in Iowa, and set her sights on Los Angeles. With her BFA in graphic design, Emily hit the streets to make her design dreams come true. Today, you will find her at MATE as a Senior Graphic Designer and Content Strategist.

On the average day you’ll find Emily at home cooking up her latest recipe found among her stacks of cookbooks and binge watching the Queen’s Gambit. Emily also has a passion for photography and getting to show a new perspective of the world through her camera lens. Since spending all of this time at home, she is also getting the opportunity to hike and spend time in the great outdoors keeps her mind at ease amidst the craziness.

Everybody & Everyone Dream Cardigan , $198

This season, Emily shops mindful brands. Her Everybody & Everyone Dream Cardigan has been keeping her nice and warm (at least when her dog isn’t snuggling up with it) as the temperatures drop. Everybody & Everyone operates through strong pillars of sustainability and responsibility like making sure materials are organic and eco-innovative. Not to mention this brand is also female-let and founded, checking off all of Emily’s mindfulness boxes. On the topic of sustainability, Emily also loved her Novae Res bag, a high quality leather purse that promises zero waste production means there is absolutely no fast-fashion guilt in any of her choices this year. 

For her day-to-day Emily is using A.N. Other’s perfume made with clean ingredients— her favorite part of the product is also the packaging. In addition to being mindful with her purchases this year, she also reminds us that money and products should never be wasted. So, if you are looking for some gift inspiration, grab a pack of the A.N. Other travel scents to use as stocking stuffers. Each sample size is just enough to share the love of fresh and subtle scents.  At night, Emily is also adding the invigorating ingredients and subtle and never-overpowering scents of Onekind’s PM Power Couple to her skincare routine. 

Open Spaces Nesting Trays, $42

Emily has been placing all of her new favorite items in her Open Spaces Nesting Trays. Since visiting her family, she has been able to use the trays to keep her everyday items organized without having to worry about hunting for them in drawers or bags.  Emily, as an avid minimalist herself, agrees these trays are the best gift you could ever give someone who likes to keep their space clean and simple. 

Right now, Emily is back in Iowa with her parents and five siblings preparing for the holidays. While the world is keeping some of her holiday traditions at a distance, she is looking forward to drinking spiked cider and mulled wine, sitting around with her immediate family, and catching up with everyone. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the time spent. 

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Photos via Emily Boffeli

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