Suit Up, it’s the Big (Insert Your Event Here)

All of the suits, custom-made just for you
November 9, 2019
November 10, 2019
What We Considered

✓  Top quality fabrics

✓  Suits for all seasons

✓  Custom sizing at fair prices

Our Picks

✓  Proper Cloth - Best custom sizing

✓  Knot Standard - Most fabric variety

✓  Indochino - Best at giving back

It’s that time of the year - suit season. No, we don’t mean your swimsuit. We mean your get on your big boy pants because there’s probably eight weddings, five anniversaries, and we won’t count the number of work meetings. Not trying to stress you out here. The point is, you need a suit— and not the one from your college days. We know the excuse, but you just really don’t have the time to spend hours at Men’s Warehouse getting bundles on suits that you’ll inevitably decide to upgrade next year. Let’s make a good investment from the start, shall we?
Time to step into your dapper, well-fitting and inevitably sexier suit. What are you waiting for?

Proper Cloth


It’s not just about the suit and how many they can sell at Proper Cloth– it’s a science. Proper Cloth focuses on the fabric, the options, and the transparency. You can even customize the dimensions for your own shirt. Use their Smart Sizing to find your perfect measurements - and don’t fret, they’ve got the resources and videos to help.

The Facts

✓  Over 400 fabrics to choose from

✓  120s Two-ply sea-island cotton

✓  Italian fabric made in Thailand

Brand Standards

✓  Transparency every step of the way

✓  Free alterations when your suit's not 100% perfect

Knot Standard


As they say at Knot Standard suits open new doors and we know that may sound a bit over the top, but trust us on this one. Think about how sharp you’re gonna look standing up at your buddy’s wedding, or landing that proposal with Knot Standard’s high-tech take on traditional tailoring.

The Facts

✓  Laser cut garments

✓  Over 7,000 imported fabrics to choose from

✓  Suit options for any need

Brand Standards

✓  Careful attention to detail

✓  Prefer quality and long term use

✓  Exceptional customer service



Indochino is here to bring you what you want at the most affordable prices. With a perfect fit guarantee, the master tailor will make sure that your 10-minute at-home measurement gives you anything you’ve ever wanted in a suit. So much so, you might actually fall in love.

The Facts

✓  Custom made

✓  Anti-wrinkle dress shirts

✓  280 gsm—midweight fabric

Brand Standards

✓  Works with Whiskey Wiseman & Hoop-Law

✓  Transparent to the max

✓  Donate suits to Suit it Forward

Black Lapel

At Black Lapel, they know that men do really care how they dress. Service, quality, and content are the main focus to ensure that your suit is perfect for everything you need it for. So take it back to the basics, and don’t settle. Black Lapel preaches: a custom tailored suit shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be reality.

The Facts

✓  Custom tailored

✓  100% Bemburg lining

✓  Silk and merino wool options

Brand Standards

✓  Giving men quality in a custom suit

✓  Transparency throughout the process

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