Stocking Stuffer Gifts That Won’t Be Regifted

The internet’s best small gifts for even the pickiest person on your list
November 11, 2019
November 9, 2019
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Our Picks

✓  Me Undies - Matching Pairs

✓  The Sill - Silver Philodendron

✓  Year and Day - The Infinite Candle

Regift (/rēˈɡift/) NOUN: an unwanted gift used by its original recipient as a gift for someone else … aka what you did with that present you got from your significant other, you know--the one you’re no longer dating and now refer to as “(s)he who shall not be named.” Let’s be real: no one likes a bad gift giver! But, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered so you don’t make that mistake! Scroll for the best gift guide featuring Verticale-approved internet brands that will have you saying “One for you, two for me” … because that’s what holidays are for, right?

Mistletoe Prep

If you’re reading this section, you’re probably one half of that annoying adorable couple that loves to walk under the mistletoe. We’re happy for you … really, we are. Do yourself and your S/O a favor and give the gift of incredible oral hygiene. Trust us, it’s truly the gift that keeps giving.

The Good Kind Of Chill

This section’s for your cool, laidback friend (or maybe the not-so laidback friend who could use a dose of chill). These four brands are rethinking CBD--with CBD gummies, oils, and delicious CBD canned drinks. And, before you start to lose your chill … they’re not pot, so they’re all legal in all 50 states!

Yummy Scents

Whether you’re shopping for the homeowner who has their sh*t together or the self-care junkie who will upcycle the container, candles and diffusers are always the perfect gift! Small, stylish and budget-friendly — you may even want to add a couple extras to your order for those last-minute gifts we always seem to forget.

Lotions + Rollerballs

Repeat after us: self-care is not selfish. And, how much more selfless can you get than gifting self-care products to someone else? We’ve rounded up four brands who not only create great smelling lotions, perfumes, and colognes, but they’re also made with clean and transparent ingredients and ship to your door.

New Year Health Kick Motivation

Looking for the perfect gift for the goal-getter on your list? Help them get a head-start on a New Year’s health resolution! Check out these brands that are creating easy, healthy ways to inch towards your health goals … one sip or spoon-full at a time. Their body will thank them, and they’re sure to be thanking you!

For Keeping Clean

These little grabs are the perfect addition to any stocking on the basis of keeping everyone fresh and clean. Introduce them to our favorite products bundled into little gift packs , doing the hard work for us. Gifting the right way to inspire others to be as excited about the internet's best as we all are.

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