Spruce Up For Spring

The home decor you’ve been waiting for
February 27, 2020
February 27, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Springtime aesthetics

✓   High quality materials

✓   Fresh and unique decor

Our Picks

✓   Serena and Lily - Best beach aesthetic

✓   Jenni Kayne - Best accent decorum

✓   Hem - Most chic/modern style

For us, the first mark of Spring is the day we get to open our windows and smell the freshness in the air. That moment when the sun fills the room with natural light. So in anticipation of warm weather, we're here to help you get ready for relaxing Spring days at home. Let's talk about airier decor and soft neutral colors to suit the sunnier times aheads.

Serena and Lily


Serena and Lily’s coastal home design pieces will have you feeling like the warm weather never left. They’re bringing us the inspiration we’ve been looking for to have our homes stand out. Little touches like hand painted carts or wooden accents can bring your home’s aesthetic to the next level.

The Facts

✓   All things home and decor

✓   Personalized service and customized options available

✓   Light and bright color choices

Brand Standards

✓   Talk to a Designer for free interior decorating advice

Jenni Kayne


Meet Jenni Kayne, the Urban for grownups. Jenni Kayne’s home line is the perfect way to add boho vibes into your Spring decorating style. Talk about stunning design consistency and style, this brand makes it easy for you to refresh your home.

The Facts

✓   Natural based products

✓   Decorations, kitchen, and living room

✓   Neutral color choices

Brand Standards

✓   Aim to educate and empower women



This Swedish home company has found a way to bring honest prices and fair shipping time to its US customers. Rooted in the idea of modern design, Hem has curated an eclectic array of home pieces that will elevate your look for the Spring.

The Facts

✓   Kitchen, living room, and decor

✓   Unconventional standout styles

✓   Top-tier materials

Brand Standards

✓   Transparent pricing

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