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The hint of personality your outfit needs – at fairer prices, of course
June 5, 2019
June 5, 2019
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You may have heard this one before but it remains true - the best way of spicing up your outfit remains some good, standout socks. That hint of an eye catching print that pops out as you sit down - or even a muted stripe - just may be the dash of personality your outfit needs. Because when you’re rocking a basic tee with denim or a black suit at that summer wedding, you definitely need a little something extra.

We’ll keep this short because this isn’t your first rodeo – but adding some killer socks to your rotation is always a good idea. Your sock style should evolve over time, just like everything else. So if that funky yellow pair from five years ago still makes you cringe every time you open your sock drawer, it is most certainly time for an upgrade.

As you may have guessed, we’ve rounded up the brands that make awesome socks at fair prices. Because who wants to pay a retail markup anyway? Take your pick – polka dots, color blocks or something a little wild. The sky’s the limit… and life’s too short to be an average Joe.

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Bombas uses “sock tech” to bring you the best socks you’ve ever put on your feet. Their honeycomb design hugs your foot in all the right places so it won’t slip down…brilliant if you ask us. They also have a one-for-one donation model, so every time you buy a pair of Bombas socks, someone in a homeless shelter also gets a new cozy pair. Socks are the #1 most requested item by the homeless – so kudos to our friends at Bombas for making an impact and keeping feet a little bit warmer..

The Goods

✓ Slip-free design

✓ Honeycomb arch support

✓ Longstable cotton

✓ Antimicrobial

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Obsessed with making the world’s best sock

✓ 10 million + pairs of socks donated to homeless shelters

✓ 1 pair purchased = 1 pair donated


The science behind these socks is more impressive than your 8th grade volcano experiment. Comrad’s compression socks use scientific, medical methods to increase circulation while preventing pain, soreness and swelling. They’re also soft and supportive, making them your go-tos for a long day of traveling (since ya know, you have to be extra conscious of your blood circulation during a long flight). Made with sustainable and ethical practices, these socks are a must-have before heading out for your next adventure.

The Goods

✓ Comfort-first design

✓ All-day support and energy

✓ 15-25mmHg Compression

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Sustainable and ethical production

✓ Reduce DVT symptoms  (blood clots) in airline passengers


The founders of Stance felt that socks had been neglected for too long – so they decided to create a line that promotes self-expression and creativity. They focus on technical innovation and have even hired a rocket scientist onto their team…pretty crazy. You can definitely trust that they make damn good socks, offering a mix of practical and splashy designs.

The Goods

✓ Cotton that is softer, stronger, and smoother

✓ Designed to perform at the highest level

✓ Medium cushion

✓ Athletic Ribbed

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Promote self-expression   

✓ Stand for those who dare to be different

Ministry Of Supply

Meet the office-appropriate socks that perform like gym socks - Ministry of Supply doesn’t mess around with their socks. Not only do they have high-pile cushioning, but they’re even infused with coffee for odor absorption. The brand prevents overproduction by creating clothing that stands the test of time. They also have a 1-in, 1-out program, which accepts your clothing donations and provides it to those in need of professional wear.

The Goods

✓ Perform like gym socks  

✓ Designed for maximum comfort

✓ Coffee-infused for odor absorption

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ 1-in 1-out program donation program

✓ Responsible manufacturing methods

✓ Prevent overproduction by creating durable garments

The Tie Bar

It’s like a bar but for ties – get it? Well, actually, they’re actually a go-to destination for all things menswear and we’re big fans of their dress socks (many of which match their ties, how convenient). They don’t cut corners on quality and are all about making those luxury goods easy on your wallet. With over 350 sock styles to choose from, you definitely can’t go wrong.

The Goods

✓ 350+ sock styles

✓ High quality

✓ Hand-sewn stitching

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ All about their customers

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Image Sources: Bombas / Comrad, @andriragettli / Stance, @antonkrupicka / Ministry Of Supply / The Tie Bar, @theposhman

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