Socks Are The New Shoes

Made for keeping your feet cozy AF
May 26, 2020
May 26, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Socks that last

✓   Cool enough for summer

✓   Grown-up material

Our Picks

✓   Richer Poorer - Cutest details

✓   Comme Si - Best for lounging

✓   Bombas - Best for performance

Instead of showing off that pair of summer sneaks at brunch, impress everyone on zoom with your pair of… socks. As we let our shoes take a rest on the shelf, it’s time for our socks to finally become the stars of the show— here in 2020, socks are the new shoes. Whether you spend your days working from home, or bumming around on the couch, your feet deserve some extra coziness these days. Plus, you’ll need them for gliding across the floor but disclaimer: we’re not responsible for any sock-gliding-related injuries.

Richer Poorer


These socks from Richer Poorer are dripping in Cali cool. With reinforced toe and heel construction, these socks plan to stick around— and you’ll definitely want them to. Their silver lining blend— cotton and silver fibers— keep that funky smell far far away. So choose from fashion forward patterns or California inspired designs (like sunset inspired tie dye) to transport your toes and mind on a mini vacation for a day or two.

The Facts

✓   Plain, patterned, small detailed options

✓   Men’s and women’s styles

✓   Mid-calf or ankle options

Brand Standards

✓   The Dirty Hands Club

✓   Raising voting awareness

✓   Commitment to a positive work culture

Comme Si


We like to think of Comme Si socks as sophisticated beyond compare and ready to cover your feet in style at any hour of the day. The rumors of their refined materials are true, made in Italy from the finest materials including silk, cotton, wool, and cashmere. Their understated elegance is great to match any at-home lounge style and perfect to have for when life resumes to wear with a pair of heels.

The Facts

✓   Made in Italy

✓   Silk, cotton, wool, or cashmere

✓   Subtle, muted color options

Brand Standards

✓   Product traceability

✓   Made in ethical factories

✓   Elegant minimal design



Bombas are the sock upgrade you’ve been looking for - plus when you buy one, they donate a pair to someone in need (turns out, socks are the #1 requested item in homeless shelters). Bombas are built to conform to your feet and have special stay-up technology; they’ve even made special socks for golf, basketball, tennis, hiking, running, and skiing/snowboarding. Their secret? Long staple cotton and merino wool.

The Facts

✓   No show, ankle, quarter, calf, & knee high

✓   Casual & multi-sport options

✓   365 day happiness guarantee

Brand Standards

✓   Exceptional customer service

✓   One purchased, one donated program

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