Men's Shorts Made For Staying Cool

May 16, 2020
May 16, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Comfort all day long

✓   Fits for every body type

✓   For work and play

Our Picks

✓   Public Rec - Best for work

✓   Bonobos - Best for every day

✓   Rhone - Best for play

Living every day in joggers or our underwear sounds great but got old pretty quick. For all of our East Coasters, let us rejoice because the sun is getting over its stage fright— following that snow in May? Here’s to hoping that if we show the world our quarantine calves, it’ll start a heat wave. So, to help get things rolling, we’ve grabbed our top men’s shorts brands for your summer wardrobe that’ll get you through whatever the world throws our way.

Public Rec


We may have lost track on what number day of quarantine this is, but our vision is clear when it comes to knowing that Public Rec shorts are being added to our closet for the summer. The key is their All Day Every Day style - casual enough for a social distancing but feel like the softest activewear you own.

The Facts

✓   Eight color options

✓   Plenty of pockets

✓   Moisture-wicking fabric

Brand Standards

✓   Ultimate quality assurance

✓   Honest pricing



Bonobos is always thinking about what’s best for every man. So much so, that they’ve even created a Lazy Summer Lounge section and Remote Life bundles to make shopping simple. For real, they’ve covered everything from virtual dating to laundry day. The E-Waist short can be worn comfortably anytime, anywhere, and is at the top of our summer style list. 

The Facts

✓   Lounge and regular options

✓   Extended sizes available

✓   Effortless style

Brand Standards

✓   Gender equality & inclusiveness

✓   Reinvent the retail experience



Meet Rhone: the brand that is bringing comfort to their clothing, made by men for men. The Rhone team works tirelessly to ensure all of their pieces exceed your expectations when it comes to fit and feel. It’s all in the details, like a security pocket in the Commuter short or a perfect liner in their athletic Mako shorts.

The Facts

✓   Casual and athletic styles

✓   Different color options

✓   Different lengths available

Brand Standards

✓   Brands X Better Campaign

✓  Calling our greatness with Outliers

More Finds

Whether you’re looking to take this time to be a little extra lazy, or testing your limits when it comes to fitness, having the right pair of shorts will make all the difference. It’s the little things like no riding up or accidentally showing off a little too much when you’re enjoying some time outside that makes whatever happens this summer enjoyable.

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