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December 2, 2019
December 1, 2019
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It’s understandable that you’ve had the same pillow ever since you can remember - but we can’t help but cut in and say that it’s slowly turning into a lump at the top of your bed. Newsflash: it shouldn’t be a chore to puff it up at night. 

Fortunately, Pluto Pillow knows the good fight we’ve been putting up with all of these years. Instead of searching through aisles of plastic-covered pillows, Pluto has given us the first totally customizable pillow. Their pillows are designed to be breathable with a foam core and plush outer shell fluffed to your liking. You’ll be dying to get into bed with your Pluto at the end of the day.

All signs are pointing to you ordering the Pluto Pillow of your dreams. 

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Image Credit: @plutopillow

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