Refresh Your Skincare Routine

Wash away your 2019 woes
December 30, 2019
December 29, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Real, honest ingredients

✓   Never overpriced

✓   Product delivers on promises

Our Picks

✓   Onekind - Best for brightening

✓   Maelove - Most skin-type options

✓   Frank Body - Best face/body scrubs

As you’re dreaming up self-improvement goals for the new year, we implore you to put skincare at the top of you’re list. And if you’ve been keeping up with the news, you know that micro-beads have been ousted (the little exfoliator balls) because they’ve been sitting in our water supply, causing harm to marine life & our drinking water. Yuck. Good thing these trusty brands here have found natural alternatives like coffee and charcoal to get the job done without all those nasty chemicals. Here’s to a cleaner, healthier 2020.



Onekind is keeping it simple with their three core brightening products and a commitment to use real ingredients at an affordable cost. All three of their products use key natural ingredients like rose hips and barley seed extract - and best part? They’re unisex and can be used for any skin-type due their anti-irritating formula.

The Facts

✓   Plant based

✓   Non-irritating 

✓   Free of synthetics 

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Never tested on animals

✓   Made in the USA

✓   Recycled/sustainable packaging



Maelove is delivering us great products and honest results. Their easy-to-shop kits offer bundles for scars, dry-rescue, and acne. At Maelove, they make sure you know why the products you choose to buy get the job done. For example, Vitamin C is one of the secrets to scar fading and Zinc stops bacterial growth.

The Facts

✓   Honest, functional ingredients

✓   Fair pricing

✓   Formulas based on data and science

Brand Standards

✓   US based

✓   FDA registered

✓   GMP-Certified

Frank Body


Have you been fighting dry bumpy skin this winter? Frank body has an answer: coffee. They have figured out how to make sure our skin stays soft and supple all year round with their caffeine-based formulas. It even tightens the cellulite you’ve been silently wishing would go away.

The Facts

✓   Made with natural ingredients

✓   Options for face, body, and hair

✓   Hotel Pink loyalty program

Brand Standards

✓   Based in Australia

✓   Never tested on animals

More Finds

We understand that skincare is so not one size fits all. These brands know that too, and are able to find out what we need and make one dedicated product line. Contrary to the big names we see in the drug stores that cover every hygiene product under the sun, these companies have made it their mission to perfect their formula and deliver us real results.

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