Perfume Made Right, No Chemicals Here

Meet the Clean Beauty Brands On Our Side
October 28, 2019
October 28, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Sustainable, real ingredients

✓   Long-lasting, evergreen scents

✓   Easy-to-order sampling kits

Our Picks

✓   Phlur - Most eco-conscious 

✓   Henry Rose - Best ingredient list

✓   Skylar - Best range of products

The fragrance industry has a long history of lacking transparency - it’s pretty alarming that no federal or state authority regulates the chemicals in perfume. In fact, fragrance companies aren’t even required to disclose what’s in their product - and most don’t. Because of this, many big name perfumes contain phthalates, which are toxic ingredients linked to hazardous health conditions such as cancer. Definitely not the kind of thing you want to be putting on your body...

But things are finally turning around. We found the 3 brands that stand apart by making clean, transparent perfume that won’t have you worrying about your health. Bonus - they smell damn good too.



The Phlur family is doing fragrance without compromise, ensuring that no harmful chemicals getting in the way of us smelling great. Phlur even uses 100% recycled glass in their bottles. Get used to spraying nothing but the good stuff.

The Facts

✓   100% hypoallergenic

✓   Transparent ingredient list for each fragrance; $18 Sample Kit

✓   1 bottle = 6-12 months of wear

Brand Standards

✓   Out of the Blue blog to focus on sustainability and more info about their scents

✓   Do not use ingredients on the Union for the Conservation of Nature's Red List of threatened plants

✓   Recognized by One Percent for the Planet for donating more than 1% of all revenue to environmental organizations

Henry Rose


Michelle Pfeiffer stopped using perfume altogether when she became a mom and found out about the toxic chemicals in everyday perfume. Thanks to her new line Henry Rose, we can have clean, sophisticated scents—no secret ingredients included. The collection has curated five scents made with real ingredients to satisfy our scent at any hour of the day.

The Facts

✓   Five signature scents and a sampler option

✓   Hypoallergenic 

✓   Bottle and roller options

Brand Standards

✓   Transparent, clean ingredient list

✓   EWG Verified

✓   Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold



Skylar has made it their mission to find scents that are hypoallergenic, smell fresh, and are sophisticated. Here’s how it works: their six main scents are available all year round. And if you’re the adventurous type, you can also sign up for their Scent Club to get their new exclusive scent monthly for only $20.

The Facts

✓   Transparent, clean ingredient list 

✓   100% hypoallergenic

✓   Small and large bottle options, body care and lotion available too

Brand Standards

✓   100% Cruelty free, not animal tested

✓   Made in the U.S.

✓   Eco-friendly suppliers & recyclable packaging

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