Pair it Right: Men’s Henleys and Vests

Take your casual Street Style to the Next Level
November 18, 2019
November 18, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Premium, quality fabrics

✓   Smart designs 

✓   Durability 

Our Picks

✓   Buck Mason – Best quality

✓   Mack Weldon – Best fit

✓   BYLT – Best materials

Men’s wardrobes are typically filled the essential basics, and that comes with basic colors. If you’re looking for casual everyday wear that will actually last you more than one wash, we’ve got you. Here are the brands that are revolutionizing men’s henley shirts with durable and custom fabrics that will make shopping and getting dressed in the morning a breeze. And don’t forget to pair them with a vest to tie together your new, trendy outfit.

Buck Mason


The Los Angeles-based menswear brand Buck Mason specializes in modern American classics. The brand was started in 2013 by Sasha and Erik, who were neighbors in Venice, California. What started out as a jeans and tee company, now sells various items that are fit for men shopping for a useful and effortless wardrobe.

The Facts

✓   Neutral color schemes 

✓   Various colors, materials and fits

✓   Products last for years

Brand Standards

✓   Foundations for the modern American wardrobe 

✓   Modern techniques with old school practices

✓   Consistency in fit, fabric and quality

Mack Weldon


Mack Weldon is a brand that aims to revolutionize men’s basic wear, by starting from scratch and developing their very own fabrics. After years of shopping for basics, they realized consistency of fit was lacking and that’s why they promise with their products, men can count on the fit being the same each time. 

The Facts

✓   Developed their own fabrics

✓   Designed with purpose and innovation

✓   Smart designs fit for comfort

Brand Standards

✓   Revolutionize men’s basic clothing 

✓   Ethical manufacturing

✓   Loyalty shopper perks 



BYLT was created around the idea of not settling for second best, and we love that mantra. The products ultimately made to last, with high-quality raw materials and new sewing techniques to produce something completely different on the market. 

The Facts

✓   Seasonal colors 

✓   Wrinkle free 

✓   Won’t shrink 

Brand Standards

✓   Affordable products 

✓   Source raw materials 

✓  Add character to any basic wardrobe 

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Image Credits: BYLT/ Mack Weldon, @mackweldon/ Buck Mason, @buckmason/ Orvis/ American Giant/ Best Made Co/ Proper Cloth

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